Learn to Search Netflix

Make a Netflix account.

Before you can take part in viewing all that Netflix has to offer, you will need a Netflix account. Netflix will ask you for payment and shipping information. Your credit card will not be charged until your free trial runs out, and if you decide to stay with Netflix. The shipping information is so Netflix knows where to send your movies to. Once you have created an account you can search Netflix instantly. Depending on what type of Netflix account have will affect how many movies you can rent at one time. All of their subscriptions will allow the user to watch unlimited streaming movies though. Streaming Netflix movies are movies that can be viewed instantly without waiting for the dvd or blu-ray to come in. While most new releases are not instant stream, they continue to add more and more daily.

Search Netflix by different categories.

When you first try to search Netflix it might seem overwhelming because they have such a large selection of movies to choose from. Luckily, Netflix has it broken down into different categories. This can help you find great films that are similar to other movies you already know that you like. Also, once you have begun to watch movies with Netflix, they will begin to make suggestions for you. This will depend on what type of movies you have been watching, and what type of ratings you have been giving it. The lower the star, the less likely they will suggest a movie to you, and vice versa. If you would like to search Netflix for a movie that meets all of your qualifications, spend a little time rating movies that you have already seen. This will give Netflix more to work with when they make suggestions to you.

Adding movies to your queue.

There are two different Netflix queues that you can choose from. One is the instant streaming movies, and the other is the physical dvds and blu-rays you can have sent to your home. So when you search Netflix for a movie and add it, it is important to know which queue you are putting it in. The way it works with the dvds and blu-rays is as soon as Netflix receives your previous movie, they will search your Netflix account to see what movie that they should send you next. If that movie is currently unavailable, they will just go down the list to the next available movie. The instant stream queue will automatically update your account. So when you search Netflix you can see what all movies that you have to choose from. This can help you find a movie much quicker, especially if you are planning on viewing your movie from another device.