Theft is a constant worry that plagues all regular travelers. In busy areas like airports and train stations, you luggage may fall into the wrong hands while in transit and get robbed. Even after traveling, your belongings are still vulnerable once in a hotel room or while traveling on the road. To ensure the safety of your valuables, you will need to invest in quality security measures for your bag.

Keep Lists and Copies

Make a detailed list of all the items you have in your suitcase and keep it on your person. In the event that your bag gets misplaced (not stolen), pack copies of your business address, itinerary, and emergency contact information inside the suitcase. This way authorities will be able to find the suitcase and return it if it has been misplaced or lost.

You can also tag your bags with basic contact information if there is a placing problem at the airport. If your contact information is displayed on the case, airport personnel will easily be able to send it to its owner, often free of charge. Your information should include a telephone number, business address, and name.

Locks and Zippers

Always lock your personal luggage when traveling, no matter how secure you think your bag may be. A lock is one of the best methods for discouraging would-be burglars. In some cases, simply placing a lock on the bag will prevent common thefts because the thief will just leave in search of an easier target.

What many people don't realize is that zippers are one of the weakest links for suitcase security. Even if your luggage has sophisticated locks, it won't make a difference if the thief can just pluck off the zipper. To prevent this from happening, your traveling bag should have a zipper protection feature to truly protect your bag.

However, a persistent thief may try to break through your lock, so it is important to buy one that is good quality. Some locks may be very cheap to buy, but they can easily be snapped or picked. Try choosing a heavy, sturdy lock that is resistant to picking and cannot be cut through easily. Although most suitcase locks will not stand up against large tools, they are usually enough to prevent common thefts.