How to Seduce Someone

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     Have you ever wondered how those people who get all the good partners do it? How they seem to be able to seduce any woman or man they put their mind too? Well it’s not that they are born that way, or have gone to some special school to learn the techniques. What they do know is not only how to talk to people, but how to listen! They know what seductive power is and how to use it without creeping people out; successfully creating that sexual tension and escalation with a woman. Seduction can be a powerful tool when used properly, however a lot of mistakes are made without the understanding that seduction comes later on in the interaction with a person. It just doesn’t happen right away, there are certain steps that must be accomplished before the seduction can begin.

What is Seduction?

     Seduction of course is a state of being where their emotions are overriding their logical thinking powers and thus, they cannot help themselves. There are limited resources to the human brain and so when it is working on emotion, it cannot allot those recourses into logic. The reverse is also true, when you brain is working on logic, emotion diminishes. Therefore your goal is to heighten emotion; bringing forth a crescendo of lust that will thrust them into your waiting arms.

Stages of Seduction:

  • Introduction: This is where you both introduce yourselves and says Hi to each other; clearly the most important step yet also very simple. “Hi, my name is...”
  • Attraction: You can immediately tell if someone is attracted to you or not simply by the energy they are sending you and their body language. If they are attracted to you, they will let you know.
  • Building rapport:  As you build rapport with a person, their emotions will begin to heighten and take control over their decision making process. Talking, joking and laughing can make them like you more and more and think about it less and less.
  • Red Zone: Avoid the red zone! When a person become too emotionally exited without having built good rapport or trust with a person; it’s very likely that they will shut down and immediately leave the situation for fear of making a bad decision. So take your time and don’t try to push them to far too fast. Let them come to the conclusion that they have to have you...
  • Adding sexual context: Once you have build up some rapport, trust and a highly emotional state; you can then introduce the sexual contexts without fear of immediate rejection. You have to inject sexuality into the conversation and then it becomes seduction. They are thinking about sex, you are thinking about sex; you’re both on the same page...go for it!
  • Touching: Touching adds sexual context to the conversation and brings you closer together as a couple. Initiating contact will make is more comfortable for them to touch you. Start touching them with your eyes and see how they react to it; then try touching their hair or hand.
  • Heightened emotional brain + sexuality = Seduction: Once you have successfully added these two ingredients together then you should have just seduced someone into your loving arms.
  • Tip: If you are in that emotionally exciting conversation with someone, you’re getting along well and you have interjected sexuality into the conversation, think about things that turn you on. You can create sexual tension between the two of you because your partner will subconsciously pick up on what you are thinking and feeling; they will begin to empathize and feel the same way. Becoming open to your sexual attention in the moment.

     Once people are in the seduction zone it is very difficult for them to get out of it, so please take responsibility and don’t take someone there who does not want to go. Once they start looking at your mouth a lot while you are talking what you want to say to them is “It’s OK”. They will of course respond with “What is OK?” to which you reply “It’s OK to kiss me, because I want to kiss you too”; and leave it at that. Then slowly go in for the kiss; don’t try to rush it or force it. Just take your time and enjoy the moment and from there things go very fast indeed. I hope you find some of these stages of seduction and tips useful in your dating life. Be careful, once you get the hang of it you become very powerful indeed. 

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