In America, Independence Day is held every year on the 4th of July, comes with traditions. Depending on your family, you cuold be out bbq'ing hamburgers, enjoying a day at the lake or just taking care of yard work around the house. Yet, when the sun goes down, all Americans tend to rush out and enjoy the music, light shows and even fireworks across the country. Keeping in mind we are in different time zones, the idea of seeing a great fireworks show more than once isn't out of the question and it's free too. Here's how to watch 4th of July celebrations all over the country online for free!

Things You Will Need



Earth TV

Step 1

Way before the sun goes down on July 4th, load up your computer and get your Internet ready. Keep all those beverages off to one side as well, far enough away that you won't get anything on the computer equipment in case you still something. You may even want to go to Earth TV to take a look at their site for free coverage of the holiday.

Step 2

Around 8pm Eastern time, you want to go to the EarthTV coverage of 4th of July celebrations. At this particular website, there will be a page dedicated to the Independence day coverage across the country. You will see several light shows as well as fantastic fireworks displays.

Step 3

As you watch online the East Coast celebration Independence Day, the time zones of Central and Mountain will begin their celebrations. These also will be available online free for you to watch. And then the Pacific time zone will celebrate which means, if you are on the east coast, it would be one in the morning.

Step 4

After watching as many fireworks performances as you can stand, it is a moment to remind yourself that the sacrifices for our celebrations need not be forgotten. In America we are really quite amazingly free. Watching 4th of July celebrations online usually means you aren't going out yourself. So take a moment and enjoy the celebrations as they are live feeds. Make sure to say Ooooooh and Ahhhhh along with the crowds Isn't EarthTV quite amazing!

Tips & Warnings