If you're really curious, after your brush with the law, you may be wondering; how can I see my own mugshot? Well, it may not be nearly as hard as you think, at least in most cases. There is some real gray area with these types of things. In some cases, the mug shots may be considered public record, but that in itself may not be enough for it to be released. Many jails, including the one I work at, do not hand out the photos to those that have been booked in. You can whine and cry, complain and stomp your feet, but it won't happen. To see my own mugshot, I may need to take some diligent steps.

Ask the jail staff first:

To see my own mugshot, I may be able to simply ask the jail staff for a copy after the county jail booking process is complete. As noted, it may or may not happen. When you ask for the mug shot, it would probably be wise to be polite and courteous, rather than stern and forceful. If you've already left the jail, you can simply make a phone call, or stop by on a future date. Your mug shot is actually jail property, so don't expect to be successful with this method at all times. To see my own mugshot, I will need to take further steps, to improve the chances of success. It is actually pretty easy to see pictures of people in jail online, so yours may be there soon, too.

Speak to the Sheriff:

While the jail staff may decline you to see your own mugshot, you may be able to convince a higher power that you need it. Ask to speak to the Sheriff or Chief Deputy, you may have some luck. Sometimes, the higher-ups have too much on their plate to worry about some mug shot, and they may just end up okaying the jail staff to print you a copy. Just like before, it may be wise to be polite and courteous. Give it a shot, it may work. I can see my own mugshot if the Sheriff will allow it.

Why do you need it?

I may want to see my own mugshot, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen. If you tell the staff or the Sheriff you want a copy to show to your pals, you won't get it. If you want proof you were in jail to show your buddies at school, it won't happen. If you are working as a motivational speaker, and you need the mug shot for your presentation, it may be possible. If I want to see my own mugshot for a legitimate purpose, I may have a better chance.

Ways to find it online:

There are many sites to see my own mugshot online. You may want to check them out. In addition, you can and should access the Sheriff's Office website, as a few of them are posting the photos online. Even if you are told no, you may still have a way to make it happen. If I want to see my own mugshot, this is what I may have to do.