There is a growing number of article paying sites that will pay you extra income but you also need to research, compare and read reviews about them online to get more information. Some of these paying article sites pay their writers a certain amount of money through the ads that are being clicked or depending upon how many times their articles will be viewed by online visitors or readers.

Some online writers view this as a passive income because even if they're no longer writing, they are still earning once they have written a number of articles. Many of these article paying sites will let you sign-up for an additional account. An example of this is a Paypal or Google Adsense account so that they can receive the funds through any of the two and all they have to do is check their monthly income online.

Things You Will Need

Edited Articles for Submission, Time to research, PayPal or Google Adsense Account

Step 1

Apply to become a member of the article paying site that you had researched and found to be good. By joining to this site, you can really experience first hand the services they are providing to their online writers. Earning money through an article site is a fulfilling and an enjoyable thing to do especially if you know that you're contributing to the online community helpful and useful tips through your piece of writing.

Step 2

Observe how the article site communicates to its members especially when it comes to technical issues that are happening. If the site offers a forum to the members which most writing sites do, you need to check it from time to time so that you'll be able to get some information on what's currently happening within the site with regards to their services.

Writers usually post their concerns about certain problems regarding publishing issues through the member's forum and you can also learn from them and the answers given by the site's technical team. In this way, you'll be constantly updated if there are some current problems happening especially with publishing issues and among other things.

You could anticipate the time when will the issue be resolved if there is any. Take note that communication is very important especially if the site is undergoing an important upgrade.

Step 3

Notice if the article paying site will send an email notification or post on each of their member's profile page that there is a current problem that their trying to fix as soon as they can If there are really technical problems that do exist. Doing this would would make their members less frustrated. This also shows how professional they are conducting

business with their online writers.

The site should not give its writers wrong information that any technical issue was already fixed or resolved in order for those writers to keep on submitting additional articles. The members should be given an option to submit their articles to other paying article sites that are not undergoing such technical problems. Waiting for articles to be published for more than a month instead of a day or within a week has a lot of difference and could affect their online income.

Step 4

Be mindful of how the article paying site treats you when you're inquiring about something with regards to their services, especially with your submitted articles or photos. It's important for an article site to offer the right answers in a professional way when dealing business with their online members since these writers had spent a lot of time writing and editing their articles as well as getting good supporting images to show up on each of their articles that they had submitted or want to submit. Some online writers will even go to other sites just to request clear pictures to be displayed on their submitted articles.

The internet can really offer you some ways to earn money as long as you also spend time and effort for it. If you can write several articles about interesting and helpful topics that you know of or have experience about, then there is a possibility that your earnings will increase because many people will read and view them. The

paying sites on the web have different categories like a How to, Question and Answer, Do-It-Yourself, or a Review of a place, product and among other things. These sites usually offer a free account then after confirming your email address and other needed information, you can already start writing for them.

Tips & Warnings

Always write and save your articles through a word processor like Word prior publishing it on any article site. If ever the site will have technical problems or bugs, you will not get worried because you have an extra copy of each written article. You can't predict if there will be technical issues that may just pop out anytime and several articles could disappear.

It will be very disappointing if you already had spent a lot of time and effort writing and editing them. If you don't know the reason why your articles keep on disappearing on a writing site that you had joined into then try to stop submitting any until it will be resolved.

Read reviews about the article site before joining so that you won't waste your time. There are many reviews online that you can read about and all you have to do is type in the name of the site then followed by the word "reviews". Browse and view various reviews coming mostly from the writers who had experienced writing for that article paying site.

If you are frustrated with the site's service then try to look for other article sites to publish your articles. You will end up being depressed and wasting your precious time if your articles will not be published if you'll stick to the site that is undergoing lots of publishing problems or technical issues.

Don't expect to earn a big amount of money at once even if you had submitted many articles because it takes time for your articles to be indexed in the search engines. Take note that there are many writers online that are also submitting popular articles online although if you can write the most in-demand type of articles then the more you can earn but it will take lot of work and dedication on your part as a writer.

You may increase your online income if you also try to join and write more well-written and sought-after articles. Acquire information about keywords, article promotion and bookmarking sites in order to increase your online earnings.