Everyone is familiar with refrigerators. These appliances are a common sight in kitchens. A common misconception is that mini refrigerators are portable versions of the traditional one. While some mini fridges are portable, the design was developed to allow consumers to enjoy the convenience of cold food and beverage storage anywhere they like.

Mini bar refrigerators are a special type of mini fridge designed to keep alcohol and drink mixers on hand. They are commonly found in nicer hotel rooms and in homes of consumers with a home bar set up.

The main advantage of a mini bar refrigerator is the compact size. It allows consumers to set up a bar anywhere instead of being confined to the kitchen or another large room. Some people even have mini bars set up outside on the patio or near the pool. Most come with a lock, enabling safe storage out of the reach of children. The size is the obvious disadvantage. While the smaller design allows the fridge to fit just about anywhere, internal storage space is given up in the process.

Common models available include the Summit MB24L and the Haier HVF024BBG. The Summit mini fridge offers silent operation due to non-compressor absorption technology. The door is reversible and comes with a front lock approved by most health departments. At only 15 1/2 inches wide, it fits perfectly in small spaces. With a 30 Liter capacity and adjustable shelving, there's plenty of room for storage. The Haier wine cellar features storage space for twenty-four bottles of wine with an adjustable thermostat control and automatic settings for red and white wines. With the duel function LED readout, you can view and monitor internal temperature. A lock and key ensures access is only granted to the people you allow.

When choosing a mini bar refrigerator, first consider how you plan to use it and what features are important. If you plan to host frequent parties for large groups, one of the more durable large mini bar refrigerator models is a good choice. For occasional use for just yourself or family, a mini bar that can hold a few drinks should be sufficient. You may want to consider features such as a freezer compartment or lock.

Depending on the model, size and features, mini bar refrigerators can be priced as high as several hundred dollars. As a general rule, the larger the refrigerator and the more features it has, the higher the price. Consumers in search of the best deal should shop around. Don't be afraid to try other brands if they have satisfactory reviews from other buyers. In many cases, you can buy a different brand with the exact same features as your first choice brand, but at a lower price. Ask your salesperson if a discount is available. While the store may not advertise it, consumers can sometimes net a discount just by asking.

Mini bar refrigerators can be purchased at appliance and home improvement stores, or anywhere else mini refrigerators are usually sold.