How to Select Free Standing Pull up Bars


There are quite a few types of pull up bars including the door/chin bars, the wall mounted pull up bars, ceiling mounted bars, and finally the free-standing bars. Usually, the free-standing bars are more costly than the other types, and they will take up more of your space too. So why are these bars still preferred by so many people?


The main reason for this is because of the fact that, these bars can be kept almost anywhere in the home, and they can be adjusted to your own unique needs. Many people also find them convenient because there are no screws.


But you will still need to be careful when you are buying one, because, you are paying more for these standing bars.


Here Are Some Factors to Consider When You Are Selecting Free Standing Pull up Bars


  • Look at the price – Of course, the price is always a factor. Do take note here that these bars can be priced quite widely, depending on the features they offer. But frankly, if you are buying one for your home, for your own personal use, then there’s no reason really to get a fancy one with a lot of features. A simple one would just do fine – it can give your muscles the exercise they need just as well. So, do not anything above $100.


  • The weight capacity – Remember, you are going to hold the pull up bars with your hand and haul your weight up. So you will definitely have to ensure that it has the ability to take your weight. If it breaks on you, then not only will your investment go down the drain, but more seriously, you might get injured. So check its weight capacity always. If you exceed this, then you must look elsewhere.


  • Dimensions – You need to check the dimensions too before buying. After all, there’s any point hardly in getting a product that is far too big for you. So check the width and the height when you are shopping. Have you decided where you keep it? Decide about the place if you haven’t, and then do some measurements to ensure that it will fit easily. Do also keep in mind that you require enough room. Do not make it cramped.


  • Can you adjust the height – Check whether the height of the pull up bars you are considering can be adjusted or not? Yes, this feature will come with more money, but it is worth it to spend a little bit extra on something that can actually help you. If you can adjust the height, then you can definitely make your session much more comfortable. Also check the type of bar- for example you may require a portable chin up bar so a fixed bar might not be the right option.


  • What about the complaints – We don’t live in a perfect world, and almost no product we see all around us is perfect. So, you can be sure that there will be a few people who will be unhappy with anything you find. But you will still need to be certain that there aren’t too many complaints about the pull up bars you are considering. So research a bit, before you buy. Go to a few review websites and see what the actual users are saying.