Down Comforter After a hard day of work there is nothing like slipping into a dreamy sleep covered by a luxurious down comforter. Of course knowing which one to buy can be a headache. These are too expensive to just by on a whim. However, once purchased it leaves one to wonder why they didn't do so sooner.

What to consider?

  • In order to select the perfect down comforter it is necessary to understand the fill power number. These numbers usually ranges from 650 to 800. This does not make the comforter weigh more but it's like it does more for it's weight. To compare a 650 and an 800 comforter that both weigh 3lbs means that the 800 comforter will be much warmer and fluffier than the 650. The number select should be determined by the need. During the summer a cooler comforter would be more ideal. However it can vary depending on personal needs.
  • To decide on which type of down feathers to buy can be a bit puzzling. Canadian white goose is the most common available goose variety. European white goose downs such as Hungarian, Polish and Siberian are less available but are considered more of a premium variety than the Canadian. The most desirable and posh of all white goose down is the Eiderdown. It's quality is suppose to be the warmest and softest in the world. Duck feathers are much less desirable than goose for soft, warm down comforters.
  • Allergy suffers should consider buying a hypo-allergenic comforter. There are many substitute widely available for those sensitive to down feathers or those with allergies. Many now are silk, wool and synthetic.
  • Choosing the outside of the down comforter can also be a bit of a mystery. Many's covering will eventually lead in the feathers coming out through tiny spaces in the fabric that is not visible to the eye. Ask for a comforter that has a down-proof fabric. This is made by a process that fills in those tiny spaces to prevent the loss of feathers. Thread count is not just about a personal preference because the higher the thread count the less likely a comforter will lose feathers, even if down-proofed. One should always buy at least a 300 thread count covering.
  • The stitching plays an important role, more so than one might think. An open stitch is perfect for a couple who have different needs. Simply move more of the down to one side for the person who is colder nature. The down side to an open stitch is having to wash it. The feathers can all pile up on one side and be near impossible to fluff back up. The closed stitch has more of a pocket effect. It is quilt throughout in boxes. This is better for someone who prefers a balanced comforter and MUCH easier to wash.
  • If the comforter receives an high amount of traffic it would be a good idea to purchase a duvet cover. This is a washable cover that works as a slip cover. These are much easier to wash and will save and add life to the down.