Your website has an address on the internet, your domain name. When selecting a domain name, keep that in mind. If you choose a domain name that is inappropriate or isn’t relevant to your domain content you could possibly drive traffic away from domain or have them bypass it all together. Your domain name is as important as the information you are putting on it.

A little information concerning choosing a domain name is outlined here for you.

Should I select a short domain name or long domain name?

A short name is easy to remember.  Try to have a short, simple and catchy name. These are names that have been shown to work wonderful for blogs as well as websites.

Try to stay away from domain names that are acronyms. These don’t work very well and can be easily confused with other domains. Unless you have a domain name where your readers already use the acronyms, such as CNN, stay away from them.

Having a domain name too long will make people not want to type all of the information and that will also drive away customers.

.com, .net or .what?

Extensions for domains are numerous. There are benefits and drawbacks to these also. These can confuse your customers at times. For example, you want your store name to be However, someone is already using the .com so you chose to go with .net. Your customers may type the .com not knowing you are .net and go to a competitor’s site.

The big companies will try and get all of the best domain names under .com, which leaves the rest of us with other options. There are a lot of users online that will find a catchy name and register the name without having a website or blog attached and develop one around it. You can register a domain name, build a simple website and sell the name to a company that is looking for that particular domain.

Try not to use hyphens if possible

The perfect domain name for you has been taken and you decide to hyphenate and put your last name on it. This may be another situation where your competition will get the traffic instead of you. Stay away from hyphens if at all possible.

There are some situations where a hyphen is expected or works. However, these are few and far between.

Using My and The

Another situation where the competition is waiting in the shadows to nab your customers is using My and The in front of a domain name already taken by someone else. With all of the websites and blogs that are out on the internet today, you may not be able to get away from it.

I have seen some domain names that wouldn’t work without the My or The in front of the name. Go with what works but avoid it if possible.

Alright, go out and get that perfect domain name and hang on to it! Spend some time thinking and rethinking of what works for you and all of those customers. Remember, your domain name may be what is standing between you and possibly the survival of your business.