Add beauty and charm to your backyard paradise with these patio coolers.

A patio cooler is not just a cooler. With careful consideration you can find a cooler that enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor entertainment paradise! There are a number of patio coolers on the market, and a lot of creativity has gone into many different excellent varieties, one of which is sure to suit your tastes.

The main difference between patio coolers and other coolers is that the patio cooler is meant to remain on your patio. It does not need to be portable or light weight. It doesn’t need to be durable enough to withstand harsh elements or rugged travel. They also don’t typically need to keep things cool for more than a day. Instead, the attention is given to making them interesting and decorative. What follows is an assortment of different patio coolers, to give you an idea what is available to you.

Oakland Living Steel 80qt Patio Cooler with CartConsider this typical, standard style of cooler on roll-away cart, made by Oakland Living. Made out of steel, with an 80qt container, it is both durable and attractive. Sitting atop a wheeled cart it is easy to move around, even when full of ice and drinks! The wheels lock for safety, and there is a bottle opener on the front with cap catcher underneath! You can find similar styles of coolers in different colors.

Suncast Patio Cooler Station DCC3000Another option is the upright style. These look like a small cabinet on wheels. They usually have two compartments, with the lower one being useful for storing supplies, and the top one is the actual cooler. Typically these come with a drop-leaf extension for some extra counter space for drinks.


Living Accents Claudette Patio CoolerThere are also beautiful free-standing coolers that don’t look anything like a cooler. This one, by Ace Sunjoy, comes with a half storage container and half cooler that holds 45 quarts of ice and beverages.


And then there are a variety of more creative coolers, such as these:

The Bubba Keg Cooler makes a bold statement that plays well with other outdoor furniture. It features a double-wall insulated construction and holds up to 75 cans with ice. It also has a bottle opener, wine bottle holder, and fruit trays!

Bubba Keg Cooler

The Keter Cool Bar Patio Table is a cooler that doubles as a table. When you want another drink, just lift the top and reach inside.

Keter Cool Bar Patio Table

Igloo 75 Can Eucalyptus Wood Patio Box CoolerIgloo has a few nice looking varieties whose exteriors are made with plantation-grown eucalyptus. Some of their upright varieties have problems, but this ice chest style is very popular and high-quality. It comes in a 100% weather resistant wood body and a locking safety hinge. Inside is a 50-quart insulated cooler that can hold up to 75 cans.

Guide Gear has come out with a beautiful cooler design with antique looks and style, pictured below. The exterior is solid wood with iron handles, meant to look like it was made from recycled barn timber. On the inside is an insulated metal liner and lid. The drain plug is on the bottom, which makes it easy to empty and clean. They come in two sizes – 57 quart and 87 quart.

Rustic Cooler 87 quart(67924)

As you can see, the selection and variety of patio coolers is quite large. There are many different coolers that have been designed to supply efficient cooling and beautiful charm for outdoor entertaining. All of these coolers can be found on, though you may be able to find them, or similar ones at other places online or at a store near you. You are sure to find something that works for you.