If you have been charged with a DUI, make no mistake about it, you better give very serious consideration to hiring the best attorney you can get. Courts everywhere are getting increasingly serious about punishing drunk drivers in every state. You will still need to be very careful and thoroughly screen the attorney you choose to represent you.

Law like any other profession has specialties. You don't go to a gastrologist for a headache and you should not go to a divorce lawyer for a DUI. You will want someone that defends DUI cases for the majority of their practice and quite frankly makes a good living at it. You do not someone who dabbles in it as part of their general practice. This article will provide you with some very poignant questions you can use to evaluate the person you are thinking of trusting your future to. Make no mistake about it you are facing a big decision and one you need to take seriously

Use this article as a checklist and make sure you get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction. This is your future and you need to protect it.

  1. What percentage of your practice is DUI cases?
  2. How long have you been practicing in this area of the law? Are you a member of any DUI attorney trade groups?
  3. What percentages of he DUI cases that you are involved in do you win?
  4. Is my case typical for your practice?
  5. What are some of the strategies you have successfully used to win cases?
  6. How many cases like mine have you been involved in have you won?
  7. Are you going to represent me in court or are you assigning me to an associate?
  8. Are you always available to discuss my case either by cell phone or by email?
  9. What are you fees? Do you charge by the hour or a flat fee? Are there any charges for expert witnesses or any other charges I need to be aware of? What is the breakdown as to how the money is spent (like to review the police report etc)?
  10. Have you had any malpractice suits brought against you. Ask how many cases were brought against the lawyer and the firm you are interviewing and what were the results? This can be a tough question to ask, but if a lawyer has many unsatisfied clients, this question may shake the answer loose.
Don't limit yourself to this list. If you have any other questions make sure they get answered this is a big decision in your life and one you need to make carefully.