Office plants brighten up the workplace, making workers and customers more relaxed and happy. They also clean the air and can be a great decorating touch. The office can be a harsh environment for plants, however. When choosing interior office plants, it is often best to choose the hardiest plants.

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Step 1

Look for an interior office plant which is adaptable to a wide range of soil moistures, especially if plant care is going to be a shared activity among co-workers. Not all people will water the plant with the same frequency and volume. Avoid plants which require consistently high moisture, such as African violets and dieffenbachia and plants which cannot tolerate extended dry periods, such as cacti and succulents.

Step 2

Pick a plant which can thrive in low-light situations, unless you have a window to put it in. Many interior office plants require medium to high light, which means only a few feet from an east, west or south window. Often, however, there is a temptation to place plants on desks or in high-traffic areas far away from windows. If this is the case, you will need a low-light plant which can survive on minimal fluorescent light alone.

Step 3

Consider a Sansevieria, better known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue. This tough plant can not only survive as an interior office plant, it can thrive. The typical fluorescent lighting in most offices is sufficient for Sansevieria. It generally thrives in a dry environment, but can tolerate an occasional over watering. Sansevieria may be overall the best office plant. They will, however, get quite large over time, reaching four or five feet in just a few years.

Step 4

For a smaller plant, try a small Chinese evergreen. Although Chinese evergreens can also get quite large eventually, they will grow slower than sansevierias. If you start with a small plant, it won't outgrow a small space for many years. Like sansevierias, it thrives in low-light and is not picky about moisture, making it a terrific interior office plant.

Step 5

Try a pothos for a hanging interior office plant. A pothos won't tolerate long periods of drieness, but other than that is not fussy about moisture or light. Hung below a fluorescent light, a pothos makes one of the best office plants. Array

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