Coordinating your wedding can be a trying and confusing process. You want to make sure every aspect is just right so that you can remember this day with completely happy memories. A large aspect of the planning is selecting your overall colors. As you flip through color palettes with your wedding organizer, of course popular tales of tacky colors and worse bridesmaid dresses are bouncing around your inner eye. Here to assist you in this stressful time is a simple guide on how to choose your wedding colors.

The first step is to make a list of your preference in colors. You do not need to be precise; you can jot down blue instead of deep navy with a hint of fuchsia. Your favs are the shades you need to consider first. You do not wish to choose a hue you don't truly care for for your biggest moments. Don't forget, the wedding pictures last for years to come! If you are undecided, look to the environment around you for a few days. Take note of ads and palettes which you are drawn to. You possibly have a color you favor and haven't yet had time to realize it.

Now you ought to deliberate over your wedding theme. If the couple has chosen a period setting, such as Renaissance or Wild West, then the inherent color limitations will narrow the selection. Do a little online research to figure out what colors were the rage in that setting. Check out art works from those time periods and cultures to help visualize color options and get some inspiration. If you have scheduled a seasonal affair, such as Christmas or autumn, then that will limit your color palette.

For those who do not want a prescribed theme, you also have an individual type. Are you, and by default your celebration, conservative or more far out there? Do you prefer regularly popular dresses or the trendiest fashions? Your wedding palette will be decided by the style of your special day. For a traditional ceremony and reception, you surely need to go with soft pastel combinations. For a dramatic setting, dark shades will lend a touch of grandeur to the atmosphere.

Now that you have narrowed down your wedding color choices, you can compare color swatches, and visualize the attire and backdrop. Some colors are vibrant, but in limited amounts. Those colors can be decorating details added to more neutral hues such as ivory. As you sort things out, discard any colors that do not appeal. It is not hard to railroad yourself into an idea, but much more difficult to have to face the choice. Often, you simply know the best choice when you encounter it. Don't double-guess your gut. If you enjoy the color yourself, that is what's ultimately important.

The final step is to critically assess the reality of the chosen scheme. As professionals, wedding professionals and seamstresses have implements or computers to do a test run of what your color combinations will look like. At that point, minutae can be refined. Keep in mind to be open to input, but know that this is your big day and ought to be decorated however pleases you most.