Selecting a piece of artwork for your decorating project can sometimes feel like a perilous task. There are so many things to consider and so many choices that it seems to paralyze most homeowners. Do you want a fool proof way to pick the right artwork for your room? With just a few quick steps, you can select a piece art that will enhance your colors, compliment the fixtures and have a stunning impact anyone who walks into your space. This article will guide you through all you'll need to do.

• Size

The first consideration you'll need to address is the size of the artwork to purchase. Without knowing the proper size, it will be difficult to select the right subject or theme. Some subjects lend themselves to small artwork, while others are better suited to fill expansive spaces.

Oddly enough, size is usually the biggest mistake made in selecting artwork for a project. Most people tend to under-size their pieces – which is perhaps an unconscious tendency to go smaller because a lack of confidence in making the right choice. Unfortunately, an under-sized piece of artwork can look more like an afterthought or have little impact in the room.

A slightly over-sized piece which fills a good amount of wall space would be a better choice because of the drama and impact it will create in the room. With the proper theme, color, mat and frame – the artwork should boldly announce, "I'm here, I'm big, I'm beautiful and I command your attention."

• Theme

Some designers like to select the artwork and plan the room around it – while others select artwork according to the theme or colors already established in the room. In either case, your goal is to keep the artwork in step with the other pieces in the space. You can start with an amazing abstract and build a contemporary space around it – or you can look for a piece with a nautical theme that fits with the rest of the nautical furnishings already in the room.

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• Color

Believe it or not, most people get the colors right. If you have a blue sofa, with dark wood tables and red accents, it's just a matter of finding a piece of artwork that holds the same color combination.

Of note, however, is that it is actually easier if you start with a multi-colored piece of artwork for the room and then pull all of the colors from that piece for the rest of the furnishings. This insures you everything will match and it's easier to find matching elements in single colors taken from the artwork rather than have a five-color combination room with an already established theme which you later try to match for in size, color and content.

• Mat

It is best not to mat the artwork until the room is almost complete. Most people tend to purchase the piece complete when they find it – however, it is better to buy a painting or print in the right size, content and color scheme and leave the mat to last. In this way, you have another opportunity to tie in a color you may not have been able to place in other furnishings or accessories.

• Frame

After selecting the art and the mat, the frame is the crowing glory. It presents another opportunity to bring the room together. If furniture is in dark woods, you can select and dark wood frame. If you're trying to brighten up the room, a metal frame can be coordinated with the hardware on furniture pieces or matched to other metal objects in the room. It's the final selection for your artwork and completes a well thought out purchase.

• Format Options

Finally, it is important to mention that artwork is available in many different formats. Sometimes we tend to think wall art = painting. Not true – there are so many options available today such as: original paintings in oil or acrylic, giclee prints on canvas or limited edition prints signed by the artist. Prints are especially appealing to some buyers because many of them can be increased or decreased in size to fit the space available.

Now that you have everything you need to pick just the right artwork for your room, it's time for you to begin your search for that "perfect piece" and you'll be able to do it with complete confidence that whatever you purchase will enhance the colors and fixtures in the your room and have a stunning impact on anyone that comes to visit.