Old Mattress

It is not always because our old mattress is completely useless that we want to buy a new mattress. Sometimes we decide that perhaps the reason for our back pain in the morning is because we have a mattress that is not suited to us, so we look for a new one.

Remember though, if you don’t want to buy one yet; placing boards under the mattress is only a temporary solution and you will have to buy a new one soon.

Choose Your Mattress

Not Everybody Can Sleep So Well

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Choose Your Mattress


So you have decided to buy a new mattress but you know your old one didn’t help you, so which one to buy?

First of all I would advice that you do not just look for the cheapest, as that could only lead to more back pain. Don’t forget, this is going to be your mattress. You will probably spend 1/3 of your life on it. You will definitely spend more time on your mattress than you will in your car. You will probably spend more time on your mattress than you do at work and most of us will even spend more time on our mattress than we do on our sofa set. So comfort is what you need in your mattress, so you can sleep well and wake up refreshed with no back pain.

So first decide which type of mattress you think will be best suited to you. There are several types to choose from. There is the traditional box spring mattress. There are various designs on offer possibly consisting of a different number of springs in the mattress but they are still springs. No matter how many springs a mattress may have in it, it can not really let the body rest naturally. You may think you are comfortable but the body is not lying naturally and it is this that can lead to that back pain.

Next there is the foam mattress. What is to prevent you from rolling over against your sleeping partner, keeping them awake? What is there to stop your sleeping partners tossing and turning, from keeping you awake? You may decide this is suitable for a single bed, in which case make sure it is firm enough for the person who is going to lay on it.

Then there is the memory foam mattress. This usually is a multi layer foam mattress with the bottom layer being a base layer giving support to the memory foam layer on the top. The memory foam layer will mold to the shape of your body allowing for the curves of your head, neck and shoulders, ensuring correct spinal alignment. It is this that will ease that back pain. The memory foam will also absorb body movement, avoiding any disturbance to a sleeping partner. The memory foam though can retain and build up heat. Unless you live in cold climates you should perhaps check on this before making your purchase.

Now we have the ventilated memory foam mattress. This mattress is basically the same as the previous mattress, except the memory foam layer has open cell or other forms of ventilation built into the foam. This ventilation helps to reduce heat build up but as the foam is ventilated it is not so firm. Check the mattress out for firmness.

Lastly we come to the gel memory foam mattress. This mattress has gel infused into the memory foam layer of the mattress. The gel assists in keeping the mattress cool and also gives the mattress firmness.

General Tips

Here are some general tips you should bear in mind when selecting your mattress:

  1. Select the type of mattress that best suits you first, and then the brand. No matter how well known a brand is it may not offer all the types.
  2. Doctors and chiropractors used to disagree on how firm a mattress should be. Now they both agree that a different level of firmness may suit different people. There is no “one fits all”. They now both recommend that the person for who the mattress is for should lie on the mattress for 10 minutes before purchase, to ensure the right level of comfort.
  3. If you like to sit on the side of the bed, ensure your mattress has extra support at the edges.
  4. On purchase, read the instructions. Some mattresses require two days after unwrapping to acclimatize and settle in order to afford the most comfort.
  5. Mattresses can be expensive so take care of it. Read the instructions on proper mattress care and cleaning.