Book Published in Create Space

          Last October I decided to write my first book.  I finished the book by November and started the task of trying to find a publisher.  I sent out query letters to hundreds of publishers but got no positive responses.  Most told me that they were not currently interested in publishing poetry.  As an alternative to finding a publisher I decided to try to find a literary agent.  On a few of the writer’s forums, I was told that would be the best way to get my book out there.  After months of sending out additional queries to literary agents I decided to take matters into my own hands by self publishing my book.  Create Space on Amazon was easy to use and my book came out beautifully.  Below I will give you the steps on how to self publish a book on Amazon using Create Space.

1.       Go to the Amazon home page.  Scroll down to the bottom and the heading that says “Make Money with Us” in that column find the link called Independently Publish with Us. 

2.      Click on the link and it will take you to link for Create Space.  On the Create Space page on the left side is a bold yellow button that says Join Create Space”.  Click on the link and create your account.

3.       Log in to account.   You will be taken to the Member Dashboard.  There you will see a link to Add Title.  This will be where you will begin self publishing your book.

4.       Start Your New Project Page.  You will then input the following items:

A.     Title of your project.

B.     Type of Project (Paperback, Audio CD, MP3, DVD, Video Download)

C.     Choose a Set Up Process.  I recommend that you use Guided process as this will walk you through all of the necessary steps.

5.       After you make your selection you will be taken to the Title Information page.  Here you will input the following items:

A.     Primary Author

B.     Book Description

C.     Add Contributors

D.    Subtitle

E.     Volume Number

6.       Choose your ISBN number.  This number is required to publish and distribute a book.  You are given a few options on this page.  You can use a create space ISBN which is of no charge to you.  You can do a custom ISBN setting your own imprint as the publisher.  You use a custom universal ISBN which allows you to set a custom imprint while keeping your distribution and publishing options open or provide your own ISBN.  If you click in the box of any of the options, you will be provided with further details.

7.      Pick interior of the book.  You choose interior type and paper color.  They will also suggest a trim size of 6” x 9” as this is the most widely used trim.

8.      Upload your book. You can upload your work as a print-ready .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Your page count will be detected and an automated print check will run once your upload is complete. You'll be able to see any issues online using the Interior Reviewer tool.

9.      Choose Your Cover.  Create Space has numerous covers to chose from and you can design the cover in a variety of ways (free).  You have several options as well.  You can hire the design team to customize your cover for $149 or upload your own design which must be in a pdf format.

10.  Complete Set Up.  When you hit the button for completion of cover and are taken to the complete set up your work it sent to Create Space personnel to ensure it meets the submission requirements.  They will contact you within 48 hours.  If your book is set up properly they will let you know

11.    Order Proofs.  You must then order at least 1 proof to ensure that the book meets your expectations with no errors.

12.    Sell Books.  Order books to sell to your friends, this will be at a discounted rate to you and they will be sold through Amazon and the various channels of distribution that you will select.

            I hope this makes it easy for anyone who wants to publish their books and make them available for sale.  Now get out there and publish that book!!!