Why Self Publish Your Own Book?

Getting a contract with a traditional publishing house is proving to become difficult nowadays, hence why so many authors are looking to self publish their own books. Many publishing companies are not willing to take the risk with new authors. These types of publishers want a guaranteed return, perhaps why the market is flooded with well-known and experienced authors, not to mention celebrities. Today you don't need to seek a traditional publisher to see your book in print; choose the self publish route and make a living from it. Unlike the traditional route, self-publishing allows you as the author to take entire control of the creative and selling process, and you can add the marketing and promotion option if you wish.

The Publishing Process; An Overview

You have written your book and you want to self publish it. Now how do you go about it? You need to find a reputable and professional company who will help you. First thing’s first, do your research. Research different companies and the packages that they offer to see what is available and what is most suitable for you. Contact them, tell them your ideas and request quotes. Write a list of questions to ask them. After all, these are the people who are going to take care of your precious work, you want to know everything you can! When you have chosen a company, they will help you register your book with an ISBN number so you can sell your books. Once proofreading and any editing has taken place, you’ll want to design the cover. Alternatively, you can let the publishing experts do it for you. Once everything has been completed; the ISBN, Barcode, cover, layout, etc, it is time to review everything and ensure you are happy with it.

Marketing your Book

Whilst writing your book is a major part of the publishing process, you are then going to want to promote it. There are many companies that help with the marketing of a book after it has been published. They ensure that your book is distributed widely to all major household name retailers, online and on the high street. This means that the intended audience has many options when they wish to purchase your book. Self publish companies also help to market your book in other countries if you would like to reach a larger audience and help in many ways so you can receive more media coverage for your work.