How to Drive Traffic to your kindle book using keyword research

If you are planning to start a business and you don’t do market research, then you can never be sure what the future is going to be.

You really have to have some sort of idea and find out what the demand is. You also need to know about the competition. What if you set up a laundry business in a new town and you find there are already five there? This is the same with your books. If you are new to the big wide world of indie publishing, you are really going to become frustrated.

Keyword Research

Before you write an article, you also need to do your keyword research, however Google runs a search engine which is very different to that of Amazon. Here, you don’t have to get too fussed with long tail keywords or any variations when it comes to the title.

Some people believe that you should use long tails, maybe even stuff your keywords in the title because the more sales you make, the higher you will rank on Google. I really believe that this is just playing games with the system and if you write a good book and do basic marketing, you will succeed.

You can use your keywords in the search and in different categories as well as in the description, so you don’t just have to concentrate on the title. You can have a look at the Google Adwords Keywords tool just to see what kind of competition you are dealing with. You will also be able to tell whether there is a great demand for your keyword. However, don’t only base your finding on this tool alone.

The main tool you should be looking at is that of Amazon keyword tool. They show you the sales rank of every book as well as the category if it is ranked high enough.

You can use seven different keywords in a search box that Amazon provides for you, which you find when you upload your book. Make sure that you use them all because this is very powerful. Use variations here so that people will be able to search for a range of terms and your book will show up in the results more than just once, which would be for the main keyword.

A word about niche selection on Kindle

This ties in with your keywords, but it refers to the category. Different people have different goals with this. Some people just want to write an eBook to generate leads. They will have a link to their website. Of course, you still have to make sure that the reader is benefiting from this.

You may just want to go ahead and write and then sell. Now you have to look for topics that are going to get you the dollars you deserve for all your hard work. It doesn’t take a lot of time to find topics that are in demand and you will regret not doing it when you find how hard it is to sell books that are only aimed at a specific group of people.

Have a look at those categories which have a lot of famous authors and stay away from them. You may have a tough time competing against celebrities and professors.

Take this example

Recipes is something that does well. However, I made the mistake of writing my cookbook as a general book. You should rather narrow it down into a sub categories, where you can focus on something like salads, desserts, smoothies etc. Just remember to go through each of the categories, otherwise you may find that something is too specialized.

Begin Writing Non Fiction the Right Way

Writing an eBook is very different from writing any other longish type article that you find on the internet. You can put a 5000 word article up on Amazon, but it shouldn’t be taken from your latest blog.

When we talk about writing eBooks, it becomes a lot more complex. There is more structure involved. You can get away without planning your article and it can still look like it has a beginning, middle and an end. However, if you just jump into it and start writing your book, it will end up in one jumbled mess and this is not what you should be aiming for.

The table of contents

This is going to help the reader and it is going to help you when you are writing the book. This will be your basic guide like you have keywords to write off when you have an article to write. Here, there is no SEO work, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Plan your time

You may want to decide to write for 1-2 hours a day. If you have more hours in the day, that is great, but you can get a lot done in an hour without any distractions. Turn off your social media, email and any little pop-ups that can distract you. Turn your phone off. It is better to write a few hours every day and be consistent about it than work for a week like crazy and then forget about your book. Many writers fall short like this.

kindle publishing

Here you can also plan to write one or two chapter every day. You may want to do the research first and then write or do it at the same time. Everyone has different ways of doing this.

What you need to know about online publishing

Before you can actually get down to business you have to decide on a couple of things:

Is the book going to be written for a certain purpose – if it is to promote your business website then it has to be done in a certain way, remembering that if you make this too spammy, you are going to get bad reviews and you are not going to please your readers.

Think of the style and the tone of the eBook – this should depend on the genre as well as the target market. If you are writing a book about skateboarding, the kind of vocabulary you use is going to be a little different to that of a book on gardening.

Research the genre you are writing about, especially if you are inexperienced in the field. Bad reviews are a killer!

Decide whether you want to do this in first person or not. This will depend on the type of book and the style you choose because this can really change the book around.


When doing research on the internet go to three different sources (at least), because you can never be too sure about what is the absolute truth. You know how easy it is to get a website up and running. Anyone can do this. Go to reliable sources.

Don’t just rely on the internet. You should also go offline to the appropriate places and do interviews and take photos. The more effort you put in with this, the more reward you will get back.


There are a lot of books that will be similar to the one you want to write, so think of how you are going to write it in a unique way. As you are writing, are you using words that will keep your audience captivated, or will they think it is just another bland article-type eBook. You may have to sell it at a lower cost and put more effort into it if you are new to the scene.

The first page should be really awesome because this is what your customers are going to see when they click on a sample of your work. If it is a book with lots of pictures, then make the images really shine in this area. This is the place where people will want to say, “Wow, that looks good – I want it!”

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The title

this is the only part of the book where you have to put a little SEO work into your book. That being said, a lot of authors, don't bother with this - what about fiction? Well with non-fiction you may want to be more descriptive with your keywords. This is more to the reader's benefit than for SEO purposes. It must be interesting - because it doesn't work the same as the Google Algorithm - so don't stuff keywords into your title.

Make sure you have someone to proof read your work, other than yourself. Typos and formatting errors are so unprofessional and really put the reader off. This happens to everyone – it is just natural, so you have to get a proof reader.  If you can’t afford a professional editor, then have three different people read it over for you.

Now you are ready to publish on Kindle!