Advice to Sell More Handmade Jewelry in Animal Jewelry Themes on the Internet

Tips for Success in Marketing Animal Jewelry Online

If you are a handmade jewelry artist, designer of handcrafted jewelry or you purchase handmade jewelry from wholesale jewelry distributors, you have probably thought of selling handcrafted jewelry on the internet. Mostly it is an intimidating idea because nothing about online sales comes naturally, so you must learn many new marketing techniques.

You will have to become efficient in internet marketing, social networking and web design as well as search engine optimization (SEO). You will have to focus your efforts and understand that when you create your handmade jewelry website no one will know you exist. It will depend on you if you are going to be successful.

Marketing your jewelry is easier if you focus on a specific type of jewelry which is known as a niche. Getting to page 1 on a search engine is difficult for jewelry, but animal jewelry is a good niche market without the huge competition. You can then add more specific keywords like horse jewelry or hummingbird jewelry which will narrow the competition while still bringing targeted traffic to your website.

Handcrafted jewelry will primarily target women and men who buy unique gifts a couple of times a year. You need to study the income and age range of the target market for the animal jewelry you offer. The more you know about your target niche, the better you will be able to attract their interest and make more sales. You need your handmade jewelry marketing to make a promise and your unique animal jewelry to deliver it.

It takes a long time to build up the kind of web traffic that you need to count on your website sales to pay the bills. Especially if you have little or no budget to advertise, selling handcrafted jewelry on the internet is the most time-consuming thing that you will ever do. It looks so easy but it is difficult to get the targeted traffic you need to generate consistent sales.

 Take advantage of free social sites where you can create a profile such as Twitter, Facebook and the like. Basically anywhere that will let you sell or promote your handcrafted jewelry is where you want to be. There are web-communities out there for handmade jewelry artisans. Join and take part in handcrafted jewelry forums. These types of communities could lead you to your customers if you are willing to invest the time.

Online marketing requires patience so do not expect to get rich overnight. Get your name out there and keep building a solid base. Write about your animal jewelry and post your photos, join social networks and groups to build your contacts. Every one you meet could be a potential customer so always be polite and provide useful information that you have learned along the way.