If you have come into a collection of Hummel Figurines, that you don't want to keep, or you just want to cash in on your investment, then you can sell them in many places. There are many collectors out there, that could be looking for the one you have right now!

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guides are a great place to find out values. Maybe you have a treasure in your collection.

Another Good Option

Collecting Hummels has been a passion of many collectors for many years, and there is no shortage of buyers if you have the particular model or piece they are looking for. But if you are not up on the prices of your collection, then you could lose out on some serious money if you are not careful. Be an informed seller.

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If you inherited the collection, or found it at an estate sale (this seems to be a popular place to find them, as many older collectors would pick up one while traveling) then it would be worth your time to find out the value of each one. Look on the bottom for the serial number and logo, and then check out this book, that you can buy online. Luckey's Hummel Figurines and Plates: Identification and Price Guide (12th Edition)

This book will let you know if you have any figurines that can bring in top dollars. When you want to sell them, you need to be informed. Some of them may not be worth but a few dollars, and others could be worth hundreds.

Once you have a good idea of the value of them in your collection, then here are a few places you can try to sell them.


Antique stores that carry any figurines, will quite often purchase them from sellers. If you approach them armed with your collection or piece and the price book, then they will have to give you a decent dollar for it. But also be prepared for some haggling, as they make their money reselling them, so you may not get the price that is quoted in the book when selling to a Antique dealer. They may also recommend other antique dealers that deal with collectibles such as these figurines.

 Find a magazine for collectibles and place an ad in the magazine. This will get a lot of attention, as the purchasers of this magazine would definitely be interested in your hummel figurines. Make sure to quote the serial number and logo and any other information you have. This would be a targeted advertisement for sure. This is the way to go, if you have a few pieces, or you feel their is value in your collection as sometimes these ads can get expensive. Worth checking out though.


Join Hummel clubs and forums. You can find out from other enthusiasts where to sell or buy them. There are also hummel collectibles sites that will try and sell your treasures for you at a commission fee or small posting fee.


You can sell them on this site, but research the site and make sure you can get the value of hummels in your collection.


You can sell them on here to, but check the completed sales to see if collectors or sellers are getting close to their asking price and how many are selling. The completed sales is a great place to do research when it comes to pricing any product.

Sell Hummel Figurines


You may find that once you have found out the value of your collection, that you may want to keep it. It can be a good investment, but you really should have a good idea of the value.

Many collectors buy and sell them. Obviously the older ones that are in good condition are worth more money. But once you do your research with

You are going to find out that you can tell the age of a hummel based on the markings on the bottom of the figurine. For example. The serial number and a "hand drawn bee" usually means it is from the 1950s, these are important notes that you need to find out. This can determine just how valuable your hummel is.

Modern hummels, that are still cute, but not quite as valuable yet. In 1999 the company was using the Goebel name. These ones may be worth more down the road. But it always depends on how many they made and the "supply and demand".

By checking the price guide and the markets, especially online, you can get a good idea of what you could sell them for. You may enjoy this enough, that this could be a great little hobby or side business! Hummels are a great way to start a collecting business or hobby, as they don't take up much room, and are really cute to look at. You can also see the many Hummels out there in a Hummel Store to compare

So, the next time you are at a garage sale, or estate sale, take a look and see if you can find any hummels, now that you are armed with the information you need to know, you can possibly get these hummels for a very good price, as not everyone collects them.

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