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Creative jewelry enthusiasts have found a way to sell jewelry and make money from home. If you like to make jewelry, why not turn your jewelry-making hobby into a business? There are numerous ways to sell jewelry and make money from home.

Step #1 - Get the Needed Permits and Licenses to Make Money From Home

Contact your local City Hall and inquire about the necessary permits in your area to make money from home. If you reside in a state that collects a sales tax, you’ll also need to request a Seller’s Permit. You can submit your application by going to your State Comptroller’s website. In some states, like Texas, the permit is free. Other states charge a fee. Requirements for the permit vary by state.

Step #2 - Test Your Market Before You Start to Make Money Form Home

Wear your own jewelry. If you receive compliments from friends and people on the street, you know that it will likely sell. It’s safe to invest time and money to reproduce the design. Create various designs so your customers have options.

Step #3 - Ways to Sell Your Jewelry & Make Money From Home

  • When it comes to selling jewelry and making money from home, you have numerous options. For example, take pictures of your various designs and assign a number to each design. Have a brochure or multiple brochures printed (sort of our own catalogue).
  • Show the brochure to friends, acquaintances and family members that come to visit you. Have the brochure with you at all times. Whenever possible, let people know what you do. Show them the brochure in case they want to place an order.
  • If people at the doctor’s office or dentist’s office make comments about your jewelry, that’s your opportunity to show them the brochure. Farmer’s markets and fairs are other options to sell jewelry and make money from home. Still another option is to set up a booth at the flea market. You can work the booth your self, or pay someone to sell the jewelry for you.
  • Create designs for various age groups to increase your sales. Remain alert to selling opportunities. If asked about the kind of work you do, take advantage of the opportunity to market the jewelry. Some small businesses in your community might allow you to leave a brochure in the lobby.

Step #4 - Sell Jewelry Online and Make Money From Home

Build a website and post pictures of the jewelry. List the price, and include the design number underneath each picture. You can also sell your jewelry on sites such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

Step #5 - Record Keeping and Making Money From Home

Save all your receipts when you purchase supplies. You’ll also need to keep a record of your transactions for income tax purposes. If you collect a sales tax, you’ll need to keep track of the tax money you collect and submit a report along with the money to the state. Accurate record keeping is extremely important when you’re self-employed.

It’s possible to make money from home, particularly when you have a skill like jewelry making. If you’re creative when designing and marketing your jewelry, you‘ll likely succeed. The ability to make money from home generally hinges on creativity, resourcefulness and optimism.

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