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Everyone gamer or parent has that stack of video games sitting on a shelf that never gets played. It is unsightly and takes up space but that pile represents a good chunk of cash that can be used towards new games. Perhaps it's time to do a bit of a clean out? This article will highlight exactly how you can sell those unwanted video games.

Sell Them to Friends

This is always the first option that you should consider. Perhaps you have a friend who hasn't played some of the games that you no longer want? 

Offer to sell them some of your old games for a bit of money. Keep it reasonable, these are your friends after all. They may even be willing to trade you some of their games that you may not have played for them.

Sell Them on eBay

It can take a bit of effort to sell video games on eBay but it will often get you a lot more cash then other methods. Browse eBay and see how much cash other people are getting for your game. If you check out my detailed guide to selling video games on eBay you will easily be able to equal or surpass those listings yourself.

I frequently sell my old video games on eBay and after a bit of experience I have been able to consistently sell them for more that any other method. However, if you don't have the time or inclination to sell your games on eBay then check out the following options. 

List Them in a Local Newspaper's Classified Section

If you want to sell your entire stack of unwanted games in one go try listing them in the classifieds of a local paper. If you put a reasonable price on them you should get interested people contacting you very quickly. Some newspapers will charge a listing fee but it is usually small enough to be outweighed by how much you sell your games for.

What's great about this method is that you don't have to organise postage for them and you probably wont even have to leave your house - buyers will come pick them up!

List Them in Online Classifieds

This is similar to the last option but online directories are often free to list. You can also list them for people in your area if you don't want to have to post them. Craigslist is one of the largest online directories and you can buy and sell almost anything on there.

Garage Sale

If you want to get rid of a heap of other stuff at the same time as your stack of video games a garage sale is probably the way to go. Garage sales are essentially free to set up, just be sure to let people in your local area know when you are doing it by putting up signs. The good news is video games are usually one of the first things to go at a garage sale and unlike every other option on this list older 'retro' video games will sell faster than newer ones!

Pawn Shops

Local pawn shops will buy your unwanted games as long as they are fairly recent and in good enough condition. Pawn Brokers wont give you very much cash for them but it is very quick and easy. I recommend seeing how much your local Pawn Broker will offer you before moving on to the next step.

Trade Them in at Video Game Stores

Trading your games in at video game stores is more often than not the worst option. Trade in value for anything but new releases are very low, often less than $5 per game.

However, stores will occasionally offer a bonus trade in deal towards a new game you may be interested in like: "Trade 3 games and get this game free". You should check out the terms and conditions on offers like this first as they will often have a specific list of games that they will accept as trade-ins.

An upside of this method is that it is easy and you wont have to make an extra trip if you are buying a new game at that store anyway. Just remember you originally had to pay for those games when you consider trading them in.

Remember: They are Going to a Better Place

While it can be fun to keep some of the video games that you really liked and have fond memories of, it is a lot better to sell them and use the cash to buy new games that you can enjoy. It also helps to remember that your games are likely getting passed on to someone else who may enjoy them even more than you did.


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