There is an old saying when it comes to learning how to sell. Especially when you want to sell without selling, as in without making the consumer feel like they are being sold anything at all. That saying is simply, "Facts tell, stories sell."

And it is so true!

Facts are there to add credibility, but the story is really what makes the consumer want to buy something. By relating a story to your product, service or consulting business, you are instantly creating something that other people can relate to. Storytelling has been the foundations of societies since day one, ever since Erguk stumbled out of his cave and decided he was going to convince Jeb to give him some sabre-tooth tiger by telling him a ghost story.

It's just the way we work as a civiliation.

Facts bore people. You go over the facts with just two or three bullet points, by the second bullet point most people will have their eyes glazed over and will not really care anymore.

In fact, it is very likely you just stumped yourself in the foot! People want to be entertained at the end of the day. As a salesmen or a marketer, your real job is an entertainer who instead of juggling you entertain by educating people.

Which means all of your sales copy or your sales pitch should also contain stories. Cause again, stories sell.

People can relate, and when people can relate they feel like they can trust you. When they feel like they can trust you, that is when rapport begins to build. With rapport comes the sale, and with good follow-up comes the second, third and foruth sales-to-be-made down the road.

As well as referrals. Which any salesperson knows is the best customer ever because they already have the trust. All you got to do is tell a story and build the rapport from there on out.

Storytelling is how I make a living online. Becuase in the end, content marketing such as this article or a blog post I might do later, is all about stories. (Okay some are purely educational but they should still relate a story somehow!)