Many artists find it difficult to sell their work. They may be able to create beautiful masterpieces, but if their goal is to also make a living doing so, they will have to inevitably find a way to sell some art.

There is an easy, and fun, way to supplement income and create art for sale on eBay that may seem odd at first. What I am referring to is ACEO.


ACEO is an acronym that stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals. Size is 2.5 x 3.5 inches (6.4 x 8.9 cms)

Take a look on eBay and see what others are doing. Type, "ACEO" into the search box on eBay's homepage. Below is a screenshot of what to this looks like.

ebay search

You will notice a broad range of works from the simple to the complex.

They are essentially unique art trading cards that are created by the artist. The art portrayed can be anything the artist desires. If you specialize in drawing cats then by all means, do so! If you make very detailed oil paintings, those work very well too. The sky is the limit in creativity; you just have to be able to fit it all on one 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch card.

Below are a few examples of some that I have made in the past.

old manpug (26627)bird

These can be on any paper stock of the artists choosing, but I would recommend the use of a thicker paper, such as Bristol board, for the sake of durability.

Any medium is acceptable from graphite to oil paints. Just remember, this has to be shipped and still look the way you intended upon arrival so you may want to seal your work before shipping.

The artist should title the card and sign it on the back and maybe even put their initials on the front. If you can keep a consistent theme and style that will work in your favor and you will soon create a following. This also has the added benefit of adding a sense of recognizable collectability to your work.

One great method I found for creating art is to make a series. One I chose was, "Alice in Wonderland". This was a multi-card series of the characters from the story. Each one sold for an average price of about $8.00. Not bad for a small piece of paper. I drew and painted the 8 card series in 1 hour. $64 for an hour of fun drawing is not a bad return.

Plastic card sleeves, both rigid and soft, from a local baseball card hobby shop are perfect for shipping your cards in while ensuring they stay protected.


Once you make the listings on eBay, you need to drive some attention to them. Do a search for ACEO groups on Facebook, Google, eBay, and many other sites and I think you will be shocked to see the following these little cards have.

Join these groups and post a message with a link to your eBay auctions. This will help tremendously in your sales and helps you become better networked with others in the market.

I hope this has been of help to you, my fellow artists. Go out and create some art!