The Price

Before you even think about selling your vehicle you need to have a good idea of what car usually sells for. The main factors that will change the price are usually the make, model, year and the amount of kilometers on the clock.

Now there are a number of ways to find this out but it will usually cost you something in the region of $20. I normally use the AA but do a search on the net and you should find a number of companies offering a seller valuation report on your vehicle.

Once you have a good idea what your car usually sells for you then need to make an important decision.

What is the minimum price that you will accept for your car?

This price depends on many factors. For example let’s say a 2004 Toyota Camry usually sells for $11,000 but you know your particular Camry is in excellent condition, with a set of four new tires, new brake pads, a high end car Hi-Fi and unusually low kilometers then you may want to put your minimum price as $12,500.

The Condition

I know cleaning your car especially when it’s not going to be yours soon isn’t something that sounds very attractive to you but it is very important. Spend a lot of time cleaning the inside and outside of your vehicle and give it a very good polish.

It’s even worth paying a professional car cleaner if you’re trying to sell and mid to high end vehicle.

I know this is a cliché but the saying ‘it’s the first impression that counts’ is certainly true when selling your car.

If your car is cleaned correctly then smell shouldn’t be a problem but give the inside of your vehicle a good sniff to make sure it smells fine. You can always buy a fabric freshener and use it just before you go to sell it but don't use this to hide really nasty smells. It's just not fair to the buyer.

Good Video Regarding How to Polish Your Car

Very Important Before You Sell Your Car

The Photos

Pick a nice sunny day to take your car photos. It really does help show the body work and will usually help your car stand out from the others in whichever website or magazine you try to sell it in.

Also, don’t take one or two photos. You should take quite a lot of photos in the region of ten to twenty.

Assuming you have a digital camera then you should take a lot more photos than you need then you can pick out the best ones to use later.

Listing Your Car

When you list your car you will have a number of places to choose from. Reviewing all the places you can use is outside the scope of this article but if you spend an hour researching on the Internet you should have a good idea of the main websites that people use to sell cars in your country.

Regarding the actual listing itself, make sure you list features which make your particular car stand out from the usual run of the mill models.

Also, you should never try to mislead buyers. Don’t hide problems such as body damage etc. It’s best to list them but mention the price you’re listing is taking this problem into account.