custom car

If you’re the proud owner of a custom car of some kind, chances are you would like to sell it quickly and get the maximum price possible for it. In this day and age there are many avenues for doing this. The following are a few custom car sales methods you might consider.

Newspaper Classified Ads

Despite the popularity of the internet a lot of people still read newspaper classifieds. Thus your local newspaper is a good place to start when trying to sell your custom car. You can list your car in the section of the newspaper that deals with autos for sale. Some newspapers may even have a section that deals with custom or modified cars and this will help to focus the ad toward potential local buyers.

Specialty Magazines and Newspapers

There are also specialty magazines and newspapers that deal exclusively with classic, custom, and rebuilt cars. It may be a bit more expensive to advertise the sale of your custom vehicle in these publications, but often it is well worth it because their readers are knowledgeable and motivated. They may even be willing to travel to your location from somewhere more distant to get a good deal on a purchase.

Internet Classifieds

Internet classifieds have a large readership and are easy to create. You can place classifieds free or for a small amount of money on a wide array of internet advertising sites. This is thus a good sales avenue to consider. In fact, regardless of the other ways of advertising your vehicle that you are pursuing, it can’t hurt to place a few internet classified ads because they are so inexpensive and simple to put up.

Dedicated Internet Sites

Similar to the case with newspapers and magazines, there are also dedicated internet sites and blogs on which you can often post your custom car for sale. Again the advantage here is focused car buyers. The readers of these sites are there for the specific reason that they are interested in modified vehicles. The increased exposure of an internet
site, combined with the focused readership, make these a powerful sales tool.

Flyers Handouts

Finally, there are flyers and handouts. You can create a flyer advertising your vehicle and hang it up anywhere that you find a bulletin board. Some examples of locations that sport bulletin boards include coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, grocery stores, and many other types of small businesses. This takes a little extra time and effort but is a good way to go if you want to sell locally. To get increased focus, try hanging flyers or handing them out at custom car shows or events in your town or region. Often you can meet a buyer right there at the show and begin making a transaction right away. Between all these methods you should be able to sell your custom car effectively and efficiently as well as receive the best possible price for it.