Want to know how to sell your guitar? There are several approaches you can take when trying to sell a guitar to someone else. In most cases you won’t get what you paid for the instrument but if you own an older guitar from the 50s or 60s you might just get a whole lot more depending upon the model and condition. For most people they will be selling a newer instrument so those big dollars for vintage instruments don’t apply.  If you do own a vintage instrument be sure to have it appraised before you sell it. Let’s examine several ways you can sell your guitar and make some of your money back.

Local Area Selling

The easiest way to sell your guitar to someone else is to try local area selling. This means that you’re going to put up advertisements in local newspapers or flyers at your mall about the instrument you’re trying to sell. This is a great way to make a sale because the person interested in the instrument can come over to your residence and try out the instrument for themselves before they buy it. This can increase the chance of making a sale and putting some money into your pocket. When you make up your advertisement be sure to fully describe the instrument and list the year it was made if you know this information. Other things to consider are if you want to sell it with or without a case. Try some local selling before you branch out and sell at other places. Check local places where musicians hang out such as a club or bar and see if anyone is interested in your guitar. Note that gigging musicians are in the market for big ticket guitars so taking your Fender Squier to these places won’t get it sold.

Flea Markets and Swap Meets

Taking your guitar to a flea market or a swap meet is a way to sell it but you will more than likely have to buy a table at the event. This is fine if you have several instruments to sell or other items but not very cost effective if you have only one instrument to sell. If you just want to get rid of the guitar and you don’t have the time to fuss with a swap meet you could try a regular garage sale but the price you get for the instrument will be small.

Internet Auctions

The Internet is a good place to sell your guitar and you can use auction sites such as EBay to quickly sell your guitar. You will need to have proper packing material such as a good box and you should have the instrument insured so you don’t lose money if it gets damaged in transit. When you sell online you always run this risk so you have to weigh the options here. You could potentially get a lot of money for your guitar if it’s in high demand such as a Les Paul or Stratocaster but you have to run the risk or the sale versus any damage that might occur in transportation.  Also if you ship a guitar over the border your buyer is going to have to pay duties on the instrument so make sure you list this in the auction. Take some good digital pictures of the guitar and mention any flaws in the guitar so the buyer knows exactly what you’re selling.

Internet Musician Hangouts

If you don’t want to go the auction route you can always visit popular Internet guitar forums and just ask people if they might be interested in your guitar. Be sure to ask the administrator of the forum of its fine to advertise there because you might be banned for putting something up for sale when you’re not authorized to do so. You could get a very quick sale this way and as long as your setup to ship the guitar in short period of time your buyer will be pleased. You can correspond by email and send pictures and other information about the guitar with the interested party. Use PayPal as a way to get your money since you can send shipping confirmation from here as well as a tracking number so you know the guitar arrived at its destination.

If Your Online Buyer Complains

Guitar PlayerCredit: Morguefile

The only thing you need to worry about is if the guitar is damaged. If the buyer complains that they don’t like the guitar that really isn’t your problem you have sold the instrument as is. If the guitar is damaged have the buyer take several photographs of the instrument so you can use this is any damage claims. Make sure you have absolute proof of the damage before you refund any money back to your buyer.  Make printouts of all E-mail correspondence too just to cover yourself as much as possible. Damage is usually very rare but it can occur and you need to be prepared if it does occur. This can be a nightmare if the instrument is rare or expensive so selling online always carries some risk. You must use this method at your own discretion and be ready for any consequences.

Recommendations for Selling Your Guitar

I would exhaust the local area options for selling your guitar first before you decide to put it online. It’s much easier to sell it to someone in your local area then it is to pack and ship your guitar to another location. The shipping will be very expensive and this can limit the price you can advertise your guitar for since the buyer needs to cough up the shipping too.  If you sell in your local you will probably get a higher amount for your guitar and you won’t be worrying if the instrument arrived to your buyer in one piece. You should try this method for several months before you decide to put the guitar online. It should be quite easy to sell a brand name instrument through your local area and get some cash from selling the guitar.