If you're in the process of selling your home, you're likely looking for pointers on how to sell your house faster. Most home owners are aware that a house needs to be spotless and clutter-free, but have you thought of staging as a tool to help you sell your home quickly? According to StagedHomes.com, in 2006 their non-staged homes remained on the market for more than four months but sold in less than two weeks after staging them. What is more, their staged homes sold for about $25,000 more than the expected price. You can conclude from this that staging could also help you sell your house.

Section 1: Your Home's Interior

Step 1

Take note of extra furniture pieces that detract from a room's decor. If you cannot use the furniture in a different room, consider putting it in storage. Although you will need to pay a storage fee, it will likely help you sell your house faster and possibly increase the selling price.

Step 2

Find a focal point in each room and arrange your furniture around it. For instance, if the focal point in your living room is a fireplace, make sure that it's visible from the entrance. Don't place the couch or loveseat in front of it. You want that focal point to grab your buyer's attention as soon as he walks into the room.

Step 3

Pack away your family photos and personal collections. This will allow the new buyer to picture his own family and personal items in his new home. It's small details such as these that can help you sell your house faster.

Step 4

Use window treatments to create warmth and a cozy atmosphere to help you sell your house more quickly. Make sure that the windows are spotless. All blinds should be in proper working condition. You can sell your house faster if it's move-in ready.

Step 5

Paint the walls if necessary, but use neutral colors. This does not mean that you're limited to white and beige. You can use a sage green but no reds or bold colors.

Step 6

Replace all fixtures if possible. They're inexpensive, yet they'll give the house an upgraded appearance. If you cannot replace the light switches, make sure they're clean.

Step 7

Position scented candles strategically throughout the house. You may not have time to bake an apple pie everyday, but you can buy cinnamon or allspice scented candles.

Section 2: Sell Your House Faster: Your Home's Exterior

Step 1

Sell your house quicker - add curb appeal. Home sellers often don't associate home staging with a home's exterior. However, prospective buyers decide whether a house is worth considering based on what they see when they drive up. Remember that first impressions only take the first 5 seconds. The appearance of your front yard and porch could determine whether you sell your house faster or whether it stays on the market.

Step 2

Dress up your door. Buy a new door if necessary. Otherwise, a fresh coat of paint and new doorknobs can go a long way. Hang a cheerful wreath, and get a new door mat. You'd be surprised how simple, inexpensive details can help your sell house faster than others on the block.

Step 3

Power wash your drive way and garage floor. Mow the lawn and add a few potted flowers if your front lawn needs cheering up. Rake and dispose of any leaves. Your front lawn must look perfect, appealing and inviting.

In conclusion, your house will likely sell faster than your neighbors' if you stage your home inside and out. Simple details such as the ones listed above can help your house stand out in your neighborhood. With a bit of forethought and strategic staging techniques, you can sell your house faster and .

Tips & Warnings

**You can hire a home staging service to help you sell your house. They do charge a fee, but you may be able to recoup your money if you get a higher selling price.


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