Home Sweet Home Tough times can make it even harder to sell a house. A lot of little things can make a big difference. After all, you are trying to sell this house, not sink more money into it. These little tips will help you find a buyer for your house quicker.

  1. Get rid of any clutter inside or out. There is no place for "Sandford and Son's". Rent a storage space if necessary. This means even getting rid of any unnecessary furniture in a room. You want to make your house and lot seem as big and spacious as possible. Most people don't picture 2,000 square feet on an acre lot in their head. They need to feed that visual image.
  2. When in the process of getting rid of the clutter don't make your house seem to vacant. You want it to look like a spacious home and not an institution.
  3. Make sure that your closets are clutter free and organized. Trust me when I say every woman will be looking in the closets to see how big they are. Closets look much bigger when they are free of clutter and organized.
  4. Plant some new shrubs or flowers. You want to put these so they can see them as they approach the house. Don't spend a ton. Try to find some bright color flowers that have matured enough to start producing flowers. Keep the yard freshly mowed and in tip top shape. Flower beds should be weed free and tidy and sidewalks, porches and drives should be clean and free of dirt and grass.
  5. If you have any extras outside such as lighting or fences make sure they are in good shape. Add a fresh coat of paint to items if possible including the exterior of the house if painted and garage doors. Pay attention to the doors of the house and the wood trim around the windows and doors as well. A fresh coat of paint is not to expensive and can make things look much newer.
  6. Make sure all your lights are working. If you have any gates make sure the hinges and latches are working properly. If you hear a screech apply some WD-40 where needed. You can get special cleaners or you can make your own to clean rust, water stains and other stains off outdoor items.
  7. You should inspect the roof and have any shingles replaced if needed.
  8. Do a extra deep spring cleaning on the house... all of the house. You want to get rid of any musty smells if there is any. This includes attic and basements. The house should have a clean fresh smell but not over powered by chemicals.
  9. Fix any dripping sinks and polish up that stainless steel. Remove rust and hard water stains. This is fairly easy enough to do with proper cleaning supplies.
  10. The kitchen counter tops should be clear and clean. The oven and stove top should be clean as well. The only thing sitting out on the counter tops should be a platter of fresh baked cookies. This is a trick that some real estate agents use. The smell of fresh baked cookies is suppose to make the potential buyer feel the warmth.
  11. Do not replace any flooring unless it is just in terrible shape. The chances are that the new owners will be replacing it anyways to suit their taste. The flooring is not that important, along as it's not ripped or torn. The actual floor should be sturdy.
  12. You will want to inspect all interior paint and wallpaper. Touch up any marks, magic erasers works wonders! If any wallpaper is coming lose make sure you glue it back into place. There should be a small tube of wallpaper glue available in the paint and wallpaper section of any store that carries, hardware supplies. If your walls are painted dark colors you might want to consider painting them white or something light. A lighter color will make the room seem larger, not to mention brighter.
  13. It is extremely important that your air and heat is working properly. People are wanting a worry free home, not one that seems to be a money pit. This is one thing you will for sure want to replace if it's not working.
  14. Curtains and/or blinds should be nice and neat. Not faded, ugly or gloomy looking.
  15. Another trick used to sell homes is to replace all the light bulbs with the highest wattage bulb safely allowed for that fixture. The idea here is to provide a bright cheerful environment not a dungeon.
  16. The key to selling a house quicker is basically getting rid of the clutter and making your house as attractive as possible. An appealing house is a sold house.


  • Use morals and fix things correctly instead of giving items the illusion of being fixed.
  • You should check on any laws in your state about window fixtures such as curtains and blinds before selling your house.