Sell and Profit from Your Used CDs, DVDs and Video Games


There are ways on how to sell and profit from your used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs and video games that you no longer need. You can earn a certain amount from these used items when you receive a check or fund from PayPal by reselling them online or offline. 

Some people still want to acquire used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs, CDs and video games since they just want to collect certain things at a cheaper price that is why there are also stores online and offline businesses that cater to these kinds of customers. Below are some steps on how to sell and profit from your used items.

Moderately Challenging


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      Sort out all your used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs and video games that you no longer want to use. Get a pen and paper then make a list of these items including your asking price for each one. Some buyers will notify and tell you about their fixed price for the sales while others will just ask you for the selling price. Take note that you can sell these items to different buyers online or offline.

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      Ask some people whom you know that would like to buy your used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs or video games in bulk at deep discounted prices. You may also visit some music stores and shops that will post advertisements fronting their establishments that they want to buy these used items. 

      Some book stores that sell used books may also buy used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs or video games if they have a multi-media area inside the store. A few of them may even pay a little more than what other buyers are offering so you also need to compare the offered prices.

      You need to be patient when you start selling these used items because you may not be contented by some of prices that the buyers will offer. If you're the type of seller who wants to get paid the same for your used items then you may opt to choose an offline place since you'll just drop your boxes containing the used things and these store buyers will pay you instantly.

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      Look for reliable websites that offer a good price for your used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs and video games. You can easily sell your used items through online stores but you also need to find out how much they are willing to pay for these used items. Some online buyers will offer you a check or store credit as their payment. 

      Examples of online websites are Cashforcds where you can easily sell your used CDs, DVDs or games and Wherehouse where you can sell used items in bulk. There are other online websites out there and all you have to do is look for them through search engines.

      If you'll decide to sell your used items online, you need to search their bar codes located at the back of the CDs, DVDs or video games and list down the UPC numbers. You may also choose to write the "group name or artist (usually their last name only) from your CD, DVD or game title (Just 1 or 2 words) instead of the UPC number. 

      When entering your UPC numbers, make sure that you'll enter all of digits shown below the bar code. You can send the used CDs, DVDs or games using the post-paid mailer that the website will offer as their customer service.

      If you can't wait for a mailer then you can just send the discs immediately by using the post-paid label that you'll be able to print out. Whatever choice you'll have, some of these websites are willing to pay for the postage when you'll send the discs to them.

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      Set an account and have a mini store of your own so that you can sell your used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs, CD's and video games. There are certain websites such as Amazon, eBay and Craigslist that provide this kind of service. You may also look for other sites online where you would like to sell these used items.

      Take note that when you post pictures of these used items, most buyers prefer if they are in very good condition especially if the booklets and manuals are still included and look clean. You may need to spend a few days when placing your used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs, and video games up on Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist or other sites that you like then wait patiently for some time to sell them.

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      Prepare your media items by cleaning them. Remove any price tags, unnecessary stickers, stains and fix cuts or slits in the cases. Take note that if any of your DVD or CD disc have very small scratches, it may decrease the value of the said item and you'll be offered a very little amount for it.

      You could purchase a resurfacing kit if you have plenty of discs to sell. Most of these repair and cleaner kits are affordable, easy to use and the resurfacing fluid is effective in repairing the damages. The cases of these used items is important too.

      Remember that buyers will always consider condition, popularity, rarity and the demand of your used media items so that they can also profit from them. Some buyers will no longer accept your used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs, and video games if they already have a large quantity in stock.

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      Sell your items your used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs, and video games. After finding the right store (online or offline) that offers the highest value for your used items, you may sell them all at once in bulk or little by little. Be ready to negotiate with the buyer through phone or email prior to selling your used media items.

      If you will choose to list your used items through online stores, there might be fees associated so you also need to consider if it's worth your time and effort. It's advisable that you already have a list prepared before you'll proceed to any website store to sell your used items so that you can easily compare the prices that they are going to pay.

      You may call them and describe your collection over the phone. Don't fill out their questionnaire first that they provide online because you may not be satisfied with the amount of money that they're going to pay you. If you're satisfied, most of these online stores will send you a check or electronically pay you through your PayPal account the very same day that they receive the used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs or video games.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are other things to look for when you want to list your CD and DVD titles. These used items should not have scratches or damages. They should be placed in their original cases, inserts or any additional materials. 

    Check if your CDs are marked "Promotional" and list any other details of special interest. You also need to clarify in your list If the DVD is a deluxe version or is one of the "criterion collection".

  • You can sell your used CDs, Blue Rays/DVDs, and video games through independently owned local businesses. They may take time to check some of your used items for quality and rarity then consider them as collectible items. 

    You can make the most profit on your used media items if you'll compare the offered prices that the stores online or offline are offering. You also need to research online for the present value of your used items before selling them. 

    A rare CD that you bought some years ago may be sold five-ten times higher when you purchased it. Do your homework so that you'll also profit from that sale.

  • Negotiate for a higher price if you think that your used items are in very good condition. If you and the buyer can't agree with the price, take your items to other shops or search for more stores online.

  • If you prefer to sell your used items online, look for websites that will help you with the shipping. There are sites that offer pre-paid shipping label and will email it to you. 

    As the seller, all you have to do is print the label and paste it on your box or envelope. If you prefer for a particular carrier, the buyers from these sites will refund you the shipping cost and include it in your final payment.