So you want to sell your blog? After working daily, weekly or monthly writing blog posts on a specific topic, or on about just about anything that came to your mind, you've now decided that it was time to move on to something else, either by lack of passion, lack of time or, simply put, lack of money.

The good news is that everyday blogs are being sold and bought by individuals throughout the world. However, between the day you first think about selling your blog and the day when you'll sign the dotted line of the sales contract and receive the cash, there are a couple of steps you may have or may want to go through.

True Intention
First thing first, you must ask yourself if you really want to sell your blog. Is this urge to sell due to some sudden frustration with your blog? Perhaps, you expected to bring in a certain monthly income with this blog, and it simply hasn't materialized and a moment of weakness is making you throw the towel sooner than you really want. Basically, you need to make sure that selling your blog is what really you want to do - it will save you the time you'll take to go through the next steps before changing your mind at the last minute. Once your blog is sold, it is gone baby gone.

Pricing your Blog
Next, you now need to decide the price tag of your blog. Now this is often the hardest thing for a blogger to do. After all, this is your baby - you pour sweat and hard work in raising it to make it become what it is now. Yet, you must remain realistic. Here are some things you should take into consideration when putting a price value on your blog:

  • Age and PR of your blog
  • Number of pages of your blog
  • Quality and uniqueness of the content on your blog
  • Net monthly revenue generated by your blog
  • Monthly traffic to your blog
  • Number and quality of the backlinks to your blog
  • Goodwill of your blog
  • Miscellaneous factors

Now, unfortunately, there are no exact formulas. How great would it be to put a number value to each of the above, insert it in a neat formula, and have it spit out a price for your blog? That being said, in many webmaster forums, buyers and sellers will often work with a 10 to 12 time the monthly income of the blog formula to price a website, but this is not always correct. For instance, you could have a non-monetized blog, but with amazing traffic and quality content. Twelve times zero equals zero, right? Not! At least, not in this case, your blog could well be worth in the $XXX, and perhaps even in the 4 figures depending on all the factors looked closely.

In Part 2, we will take a look at each of the price factors listed above to determine what effect they have on the value of your blog.