Knowing the fundamentals on how to sell your own home can make the difference between selling for profit and losing money on the deal. You need to do your homework. Have you thought about selling your home privately? You will need to be creative to sell your home.Do you really know how to sell your home without an agent? These are all questions you will need to ask yourself before doing anything.




Ask for Advice




Ask anyone that has sold their own home themselves without an agent, if they would do it all again? If they say yes, then ask for pointers on the best way of handling the sale. If they reply no, then ask why?What kind of problems did they have?







Preparation for selling your own home




How to make your home sell fast? Drive down the street and then return to look at your home as though seeing it for the first time.What is wrong with it? If you were the prospective buyer what would turn you off?These are the things that you need to fix before deciding to sell.




Garden and lawn




For a few extra dollars you could plant a few flowering plants in the front garden create appeal.Make sure that the lawns are manicured; you could add a bit of mulch to the gardens to make it look more appealing and cared for.








Could the paintwork need a bit of a touchup?If so a few dollars spent on fresh paint could add value to this home.







Selling your own Home




You will need to spend money on advertising in the local papers and internet advertising. Having home opens will also take a lot of your time.You need to have home open signs that will need to be put out each time and collected at the end of the advertised home open time.Many people think of this as time consuming.Keep in mind you will still have to clean the home and make sure it is presentable to your prospective buyers each time before the home open.Sometimes this can be really frustrating especially if no one turns up.




That is right.You may do all the right things and still not obtain any results from prospective buyers.I found this to be the most disappointing part of selling a home and that was with the proper advertising and with the help of an agent.




Online selling




The internet can help get the message out to advertise your home more than newspaper advertising. Although you still need people visiting that site to see your home.




Advertising is not cheap




Whatever ways you advertise you still need to realize that advertising is not cheap.If you advertise every fortnight it could cost you approximately $50 to $100 for each time you advertise with a small picture for the client to see.Add the fact that you may not sell it for three to six months. So you can see it does start to be more expensive.




Settlement Agents




No matter which way you sell your home it would still be advisable to have a settlement agency to do all the financial parts of the deal to make sure everything is done correctly.









Is it worth all that trouble with doing the advertising and home opens yourself or would it be simpler to have an agent control everything for you from start to finish.Yes it is more expensive with an agent. Although you need to make sure you know the total costs involved in regards to the agents fees and do not sign them up for any more than three months. Check out all the agents in your area before giving them too much control.

Removal Companies

Then once you have sold your home you will then have the unenviable job of packing find a removal company and shifting and then unpacking all over again