With over 500 million worldwide users (at the time of this writing), it is no surprise at all that the Facebook website platform would gain such profound interest from just about everyone from students, employees, internet marketers, and even moms and dads. Enveloped in Facebook's inherent ability to unite a global population, its various methods of communicating with people are propelled to the forefront of Facebook's extensive offerings and functionality. While users can certainly connect through the use of Facebook groups and pages, Facebook's email platform even affords users the opportunity to mass email. Unfortunately, many users only seem to know how to email just one person at a time internally.

Whether you are planning an event that requires consideration and approval from all (or part) of your Facebook friend's list, or you just generally need to convey a missed piece of information, you will find that it isn't very difficult at all to send a mass email to all your friends on Facebook.

Things You Will Need

  • a Facebook Account

Step 1

If you have yet to sign up for a Facebook account, it is important that you do so. Although Facebook's privacy settings have come under fire as of recent, they still afford users a generous amount of control that should still make the platform inviting to those who are on the edge of joining. In order to mass email your friends on Facebook, you will need to create an account and, preferably, store your login name (username) and password in a safe location. With its 'notes' feature, interfacing your other email accounts, with Microsoft Outlook, will also afford you the opportunity to store "notes" pertaining to your Facebook username and password. While some may find it easy to remember their Facebook login details, others may not find it to be easy at all, and may prefer storing their username and password in this manner.

Step 2

Upon registering (signing-up) for Facebook, you will need to log into the registration email account that you provided when registering with Facebook. Doing this will allow you to validate the email address that you have registered with. By clicking a simple link in your email, you will in turn being telling Facebook that you are a legitimate person, with a legitimate email address, who will be using their website platform. Registering and logging in to Facebook doesn't have to be a very difficult process, however, it is important to ensure that you know the username and password to your actual email account so that you can log into there and verify your Facebook account. Free email accounts, such as Yahoo or Hotmail, will work great when registering for Facebook.

Step 3

The fundamental core of Facebook is surrounded by the ability it gives users to connect, and communicate, with other users. With time and effort, large networks of people are developed with the "friend request" being one of the most fundamental of actions conducted in order to ensure the growth of these networks. If you are new to the Facebook website platform, it is important that you tap into your "real life" friendships and relationships and begin friend requesting those that you know. By simply announcing your presence on Facebook (finally), you may find that you already have several friend requests awaiting you long before you even send out one of your own. Unfortunately, it is simply not possible to send a mass email to people that you are not friends with, unless, of course, you do it without the realm of Facebook group's functionality. (You can send a mass email to the members of any group you begin, just so long that it stays under 5,000 users. If you do this, your 'group's' email will be sent directly to all these people in much the same way that you would send an email to your entire friend's list.)

Step 4

By utilizing the "search" function at the top of your Facebook profile dashboard, you can take the initial steps to mass emailing by simply typing in the first few letters of one of the individuals that you would like to include in your mass email. In order for you to see your friend's name auto-populate in the search bar, you must have this person as a friend on Facebook. This means that either you have sent them a friend request (that they have accepted) or you have accepted a friend request that was received from them. By finding your friend's name, you will now be able to click on it and be taken directly to their profile page.

Step 5

Once you have arrived on the profile page of one of your Facebook friends that you would like to include as one individual in your mass email, next you will click "send XXXX a message". This linked text is currently found on the left side-bar, directly beneath the text "View photos of XXXX" (above the "Poke XXXX" text), which is located below your Facebook friend's profile picture. Once you clicked this linked text, you will be able to see a "new message" screen appear over top of your profile. Had you only wanted to email just one friend, you can easily do so on this pop-up screen.

If you would like to mass email, however, you can begin by typing the first few letters of each additional Facebook friend that you would like to include. Just so long as the person is actually your Facebook friend, you can include as many (or as few) friends as you would like in the "To:" line of your mass email.

Step 6

Many Facebook users find it incredibly convenient to simply mass email a group, or list, of their friends that they have already pre-designated prior to receiving the "new message" pop-up screen. By simply typing in the first few letters of an already established friend's list, you will avoid having to type in (and auto-populate) each individual person's name. While this may not be an incredible inconvenience if you only hope to mass email 2 or 3 of your Facebook friends concurrently, this can present a challenge if you must mass email 100+ people. As you can see, assigning your friends to pre-designated lists, can be a great benefit that can really ease the process of mass emailing on Facebook.

Step 7

Rather than type in the beginning of each individual Facebook friend's name that you would like to mass email, and wait for it to auto-populate, creating a list of friends to mass email isn't incredibly difficult. When filling out the "To:" box of a new message, if you create a list, you can simply just mass email the list rather than each individual person separately. In order to do this, you will need to go to your Facebook profile page where your "news feed" is displayed. In the left margin, you will see a "friends" text flanked by a small picture of two blue people, directly underneath the clickable text of messages and events.

When you click on "friends", you will see a comprehensive of all your friends that auto-populates. These friends will display in a different order with regards to just how recently their Facebook profiles were updated. When updating their Facebook profile, they may decide to change anything from their Facebook profile picture, to their displayed website, or about me section. On that screen, you can look up to the upper right hand side and click the button to "edit friends".

Step 8

In the subsequent page, immediately after clicking "edit friends", you will have the opportunity to create a list. This button will include a "+" sign flanking to the right of the "create a list" wording, and, by clicking this button, you will be afforded the opportunity to aggregate your Facebook friends into lists. Whether this list has to do with a church congregation, a class, or a bowling team, doesn't really matter. By creating a list of Facebook friends, you have now just effectively aggregated all your selected friends into a list that can be easily and efficiently mass emailed with alot less work than had you chosen to auto-populate each and every user's name under the "Send New Message" form.

As you can see from this Info Barrel article, there are numerous ways by which you can mass email your friends on Facebook. Whether you choose to type in each of your Facebook friend's names individually (and allow them to auto-populate), or you choose to mass email through the organization of pre-designated lists, this functionality of Facebook has certainly proven to be quite effective and worthwhile. Creating lists can certainly save you time and effort, however, if you must only mass email 2 or 3 people, very infrequently, it may not be worth taking the time to even assemble a list.

Tips & Warnings

Bear in mind that creating a list of Facebook friends should only really be done if you have the intent to mass email on more than one occasion. Dependent upon how many friends or family members that you would want to mass email, it may just be more quick and feasible to forgo assembling a list. If you do have to frequently mass email a list of quite a few Facebook friends, than created a list, to mass email, will definitely be the best way to go!

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