How to Send a Text Message to Rogers

How to Send a Text Message to Rogers

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about sending a rogers text message and the best way to use rogers text messaging.

Step 1

This article is a quick overview of how to send a text message to Rogers. Some mobile companies may not have an online send message form and that is where a free text messaging site can come in handy. It only takes a few minutes and you do not even need to have a cell phone number if you only plan to send a text message to Rogers, read on to find out how.

Step 2

You will need the phone number of the person you want to send a text message to at Rogers. You will also need an internet connection and browser to pull up a page to send the free message. When you have your browser open, you can proceed to choosing a site to send a text message to Rogers through.

Step 3

The choices of free text messaging sites are myriad but the best text messaging sites will require minimal information to send a text message online to Rogers. You can do a web search but sometimes the results are difficult to sort through. The terms "online text message Rogers" will give you a few choices. Sites such as offer text messaging to many carriers and are not restricted to a single country. Text message to Rogers is including in their free text messaging service.

Step 4

You will need the 10 digit cell phone number of the receiver of your text message at Rogers and fill that in first. International numbers may require an international calling prefix. You will also be required to submit your email or your cell phone number depending upon the site you chose to send your text message from. You then select the carrier such as Rogers Canada or Rogers ATT&T wireless.

Step 5

Enter your text message to the receiving number. Make it as brief as possible, some sites will provide abbreviation guides to help shorten your message. Before you send your text message to Rogers, you will have to agree to the site's terms of service. Also, read the privacy disclosure.

Step 6

Once you are sure, your message is complete and you have read the site's terms of service press the send button and your message will be sent to the Rogers cell phone number.


Tips & Warnings

If you frequently send text message online to various carriers such as Rogers, you may want to bookmark the site so you can find your way back. Choose a website that can send to as many services as possible if you have multiple recipients.