You could be the boss. First get the position by saying thanks for the interview.

Job interview etiquette does ask that you send a thank you note to the hiring person you interview with. This is typically done via an email or even a hand written note in some circumstances. No matter which way you select, make certain you send the right message with it.

No matter how you send the written content to the say thanks for your time and the opportunity, avoid some common mistakes. Errors with a reply could be worse than not sending anything at all.

Watch your spelling

Spelling blunders are costly for written content. It only takes a moment to avoid oversights by using spell checker to verify correct spelling with an email. Reread any hand written material to spot any gaffes.

Never send gifts

Avoid gifts at all costs. These are not ever in good taste and many people would see gifts as a bribe. Sending a nice bouquet or box of candy is not the way to get the position you want. A gift is never proper to show your gratitude.

Avoid talking about money

It is very tempting for many people to discuss money or salaries. Save your discussions about what you will earn when the company offers you a position, not in this forum. Never talk about compensation or salary.

Be specific

This is an arena which will allow you to add anything you didn’t mention during the meeting or interview. If you want something to stand out about you or how great you fit into the position, this is it. Look terrific and brilliant while you can. Some people find they get the job simply with specific information they can share at this point.

Make it look neat

If you choose to send a handwritten note, make it neat. Lots of people are so used to typing they have horrible penmanship and it shows. This is when any faults or slip-ups will rear their ugly heads. You will draw negative attention you way with poor penmanship. This goes along with having terrific spelling.

Whether you use script or print it, put it on great professional business stationary.

In conclusion

Remember a hiring manager is talking to a number of people during the interview process and some things will certainly be missed. If you want to draw positive attention to something awesome about you, do it now. Avoid making mistakes with your thank you note with the techniques and tips shared here.