Battery Service

A Lifeless battery will leave you marooned and disappointed. In nearly all cases, a battery won't give a lot of indication that it's about to pack it in. There are some things you can do yourself to service your own car battery before it becomes a problem.

>>>> The first thing is cleaning the terminals...If the battery terminals are overly dirty and full of corrosion the battery may not generate enough power to fire up the car. You can tend to this before it becomes a problem with a few tools. Begin by identifying the positive [+] ]RED] and negative [-] [BLACK] terminals. Most automobiles also have a black cap to identify the negative, and red cap for the positive. Remove these plastic caps covering the terminal to expose the bolts to loosen the cables.

Depending on the maker of car and battery that you have, these plastic covers may not be present. Use a stiff brush to clear off any corrosion that's on the terminals. Loosen and carefully remove the battery cables from the terminals. The cables are commonly connected with a nut. If the brush is not adequate to sweep away the corrosion, you can use a solution of water and baking soda.[Hot boiling water works best].

The baking soda will eat up any leftover corrosion. Just make sure you do not get the baking soda and water solution inside the battery. Clean the cable terminals than reattach the cables and tighten. There are some helpful inexpensive tools like...A battery post cleaner, battery cleaner spray and Battery Tenders to keep your battery fully charged.

>>>> It's a good idea to invest in an inexpensive battery charger...If you invest in a portable battery charger you can save yourself a lot money on battery service fees. It's as well helpful if your battery dies [if you left your lights on] when no one is around to give you a jump start . To use the charger you'll need to remove the battery cell caps if they have them. Cover the holes with a cloth to stop the battery fluid from splashing up onto you.

Connect the black [negative][-] cable and connect the red [+][positive] to the terminal posts of your battery. Select the correct setting commonly 12v [you can find this in the charger or car manual] and plug the charger in. A fast battery charger will charge your battery enough to get you home after about 30 minutes. Once your home leave the battery to charge for several hours. Some chargers are designed to charge overnight. Part of learning how to service your own car battery is being able to learn that diagnosing a car battery problem is good to.

Servicing Battery>>>> Knowing when it's time to replace...If you've been having some troubles and have needed to jump your car more than a couple times in the past few months, it is time to replace entirely. You can go to any mechanic to have this done. Numerous auto parts stores will also carry batteries. Have them test the battery first it may be an issue with the cars alternator.

>>>> Invest in a roadside assistance plan...It will not always be handy to go through all these steps if you get stranded, especially if its pouring rain or cold and snowy. This is why roadside assistance is such a valuable coverage to have. You may have roadside through your insurance company. Some credit card companies and even cell phone plans offer affordable roadside assistance plans for there customers. It's better to invest in a 12V battery Tender that will see to keeping you battery always fully charged.