Daily Fitness Goal

How to properly set fitness goals

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The Importance of Proper Goals

In the world of fitness, weight loss, and exercise, the importance of setting realistic and achievable goals is paramount to the continuing success of your program.  When we meet the goals we lay out before we get a feeling of fulfillment that is able to keep our sense of drive strong and spirits up. But how can we get this moral boost we go about goal setting in the wrong way? Here are some tips on how to set your goals the proper way to maximize your health and fitness goals.

1. Create goals that lead to Results

When most people begin a weight loss plan they set the goal to lose 10 pounds or fit into those jeans form highschool. the problem with these goals is that they are the end product of their hard work and can take months if not years to do. How are you supposed to stay with something for that amount of time if day after day we never meet a goal.

The key to staying with your fitness program and getting the results you want is to set a daily goal such as "I want to walk an hour a day" or "I am not going to have a donut today". By setting a goal such as this you are able to meet that goal every day. This daily sense of accomplishment is the most important factor in staying with your plan and achieving the results you want.

2. Understanding and Achieving your results

The difference between a result and a goal is that a result will stem directly from meeting your fitness goals. It will be very hard to try not to focus on the results that you are seeing over time but it is of the utmost importance that you not become frustrated with what is changing. Rather than becoming frustrated with what you are getting out you need to look back what your goals are and see if you can change them to accelerate your progress. Add 15 minutes to your daily walk, put half as much sugar in your coffee, increase the number of repetitions that you do at the gym. The main thing is to remember to change your goals in a daily attainable way.

3. What to do after you get your results.

After you have gotten the results that you have worked so hard, there is no reason to quit, in fact,  it should be harder to stop than to keep going. If you had wanted to lose 10, 20, or even 30 pounds then you have met your daily goals many months maybe even over the course of a whole year. By doing this you have successfully made a lifestyle change. Lifestyle change is the most important thing to remember when trying not to backtrack on all the progress you have made. By changing your lifestyle over a long period such as a year you have changed who you are and what interests you. So keep your daily goals well past attaining your results and further push yourself to keep your healthy lifestyle going for year more.


The most important things to remember are to set your daily goals in an attainable and manageable way that will allow you to get that moral boost you need every day to keep yourself going over the entirety of your fitness plan. Do not confuse your goals and the results that you are looking for. Your goals must be easy to meet and have a direct impact on your lifestyle that will produce your desired results. Finally do not revert to your old habits after seeing positive results. It must be easy and effortless to keep up the new habits that you have introduced into your life as they are now a part of who your are and I am positive you will even enjoy doing them by this point.