Many people are looking for fun family activities to do over the weekends.  People rarely think of going to a local apple orchard as an activity, but it can be extremely fun and educational as well!  Best of all, it will be something your kids have probably never done before!

  First, you need to find a local apple orchard that allows visitors or educational programs.  To do this, just use Google to find ones in your area, and give them a call.  While you are on the phone, also ask about the price for a visit and what activities they have to offer as part of the tour or visit.  Some orchards don’t even charge for family visits!  Some fun things to ask about that some orchards offer are:

  • A walk or ride in the orchard.
  • An explanation of the growing process of apples.
  • Watching workers harvest and store the apples.
  • Viewing of cider making.
  • Visiting the orchard store.

Once you’ve found an orchard that does programs like this at a reasonable cost, you are set to go for now.  A few days before your trip you will want to call and confirm your visit with the orchard just to make sure they haven’t cancelled it without you knowing.  Also get your kids excited about going, but also make sure you let them know exactly how you expect them to behave on the trip.  Apple orchards are busy places, and the tour guide is not a babysitter.  You need to make sure you kids are under control at all times and not using the orchard as a playground.

  Once the day of your trip comes, you should have everything set.  Make sure to wear appropriate clothes for the weather.  Many apple orchards are on a hillside, so there can be cool breezes.  It is a good idea to pack an extra jacket, just in case.  Also, make sure to bring a packed lunch with you if you are going at the middle of the day.  If you are going in the morning or the evening you don’t need to worry because you can always buy a few apples as a healthy and fun snack!

  A day or two after your trip, it is a good idea to call the orchard and thank them for the tour, especially if they don’t normally do them.  Another fun idea is to have your child draw the orchard owner and/or tour guide a handmade thank you card and mail it to the orchard.  They will appreciate it a lot!