Christmas trees and electric trains just seem to go together! Christmas Trees have had christmas train lights traveling around them since the 1920's when they were all the rage. The inventor of the toy train was a teenager named Joshua Lionel Cowen who made the first train. He sold his invention to a department store as the Christmas train. In the 1920's about a million train sets had been sold in the United States. Folks of all ages love to see a train going around the Christmas tree. It is a wonderful way to create Christmas memories.

Things You Will Need

Electric Toy Train
Extension cord
Christmas tree

Step 1

Decorate the Christmas tree.
Make sure there are electrical outlets available.

Step 2

Trains can be very expensive or very reasonable if you just want them for decoration at the holidays. Some families like to collect the very expensive trains. That is a decision to make before you buy. Shopping for a train is the second step.

Step 3

There must be room where you place the tree to run the train track. With most trains sets you will get enough track to circle the tree. The train should not take up more that one-third of the track or it will look like its running into itself! Set up the train - plug in the train - turn on the train - turn on the Christmas tree lights - be prepared for all the compliments and delight from your family and friends!!

Tips & Warnings