Most people nowadays are discovering just how easy it is to workout in the comfort of their own homes.  In fact, most would prefer to workout at home if they only had an area to do it in and equipment that was as effective as that found at their local gym.  Of course, these are only excuses because it doesn't take a lot of equipment or space to have a great workout area in your home.  Many folks simply like to have the gym membership because it makes them feel like they are making progress, even if they don't go consistently.

If you are ready to take your health to a new level, you will benefit greatly from working out at home.  This is primarily because it is much easier to be consistent at home.  Consistency is the key to finding success with any fitness program that you may be following.  When you eliminate the hassles associated with commuting to the gym every day, you will be more likely to find the time for your daily home workout.

To start with, you need to clear out an area that you will use for exercising.  This doesn't need to be a huge space or even an entire room.  However, it will need to provide enough space for you to comfortably move around in.  A good way to test this is to lie flat on the ground with your legs fully extended and your arms spread all the way out.  You'll know you have enough space if you are not touching any walls or any other objects and you have a couple of feet to spare on all sides.

Once you have cleared away the space, now it's time to bring in the gear.  Don't worry, there is no need to go overboard in this area.  All you really need is a few highly effective items.  Among these items are a weight bench, dumbbells, an exercise ball and possibly a comfortable floor mat.  If you really want to get creative, you could also bring in a free standing pull up bar.  This device will give you an awesome upper body workout and won't take up a lot of room.  You could also purchase some type of cardio equipment if you choose and if you have the extra room.

Once you have your equipment set up, now comes the fun part of actually using it.  Don't let it sit there and collect dust like many people do.  Your health is entirely up to you and if you want it bad enough, you'll find the time and motivation to take the necessary actions.  A lot of people simply don't want to improve their health enough so they make excuses.  Don't let this be you.  Find a workout program that gets you excited and will keep you going and see it through.

If you choose not to have any equipment in your workout space, you can always set up a TV and follow along with whatever type of DVD program you might like.  Just make sure that you give yourself enough variety so that you won't become bored.  Boredom is a major killer of many workout programs.

Don't make this more difficult that it should be.  A workout space doesn't need to be over the top or remenicsent of your local multi-million dollar fitness center.  Keep it simple and only bring in a few effective items that are sure to get used.  Otherwise, your area will become cluttered and unused.