If you want to host your web site in the Internet you need to have your own web hosting server or a web hosting account. Although buying a web hosting account for a year would cost you around $100 from a well established hosting company, you can set up a web hosting server in your own computer. Though setting up a local server is a complicated task, there are some software's which simplify this job by including mandatory applications into one software. WAMP is one of them which can install a web hosting server into a personal computer which runs Microsoft Windows.

Things You Will Need

A Personal Computer
An Internet Connection
WAMP software

Step 1

Download the Set up File (18459)

Download WAMP set up file from wamp server web site and save it.

Tip: If you download the set up file from download.cnet.com would save your time as this has a better download speed than WAMP server web site.

Step 2

Double Click the Set up file

Double click the WAMP server set up file then you can see a window like below. Click Next on it.

Step 3

Accept the agreement

Read carefully and accept the agreement by clicking the button on left hand side closer to "I accept the agreement"

Step 4

Select the Destintion Folder

Select the destination folder. Default destination is fine if you have free space in your C drive. Click Next.

Step 5

Create Quick Launch icon

If you don't want additional icons in your desktop you can uncheck the box of 'Create a Desktop icon' but keep Quick Launch icon. Still the program will list in your START menu. Now click Next.

Step 6

Install the Software

Click Install at next window. Now the program will install itself. Wait a minute or two and you are done.

Step 7

Finish The Set up

After you clicking the Finish button the program will run on your computer. Now you are running a local web server in your own computer. If you want to go to your local host you can do so by left clicking WAMP server quick launch icon in Task Bar and then clicking Local Host.

Accessing the Local Host

At the same time you can go to phpMyAdmin area and create a database for your projects and you can put a new project or check your existing projects in www directory by clicking relevant names in the menu.

Tips & Warnings

Note: Hosting a full web site needs further activities. Setting up a local server is better for testing your web site offline. If you want to host your site in your own server you need to have an internet connection and a static IP address.