Setting up wireless printer for your home or small office is not as complicated as it may seem. Being able to print anywhere in your home or small office without the need for physical cable connection provides great flexibility and convenience. This is especially true if you are using laptop computers or a portable device which generally is about portability. This article will show you how to setup a wireless printer on Windows XP in an existing network. (Printer used is HP J4680 All-in-One)

Wireless Printer

Connecting the wireless printer to the existing network
Turn the printer ON as well as the wifi radio button. On the printer control panel, press the setup button and go to the Menu and press OK. Go to Setup Wizard and press OK to start searching for wireless networks in range. If your neighbors have wife networks, it will be listed as well. So choose the name of your network (SSID) and press OK. Enter the WEP/WPA security pass code if your network has one using the alphanumeric keypad. After the printer confirms the connection, you are half-way done. If there is error message, make sure that the network name and security pass code is correct.

Control Panel

The printer should now have its own IP Address acquired from your wireless router to become part of your network.

If you want to check the IP Address, go to your web browser and enter and it will show you all the connected devices in your network together with the corresponding IP Addresses. You can open a command prompt and enter "ping" followed by space and then the IP Address and hit Enter. If there is Reply, it means that your computer can talk to the printer through the access point which is your router.

Installing necessary software to your computer
Insert the Start-up CD and on the menu, click "Install Network/Wireless Device" and then follow the onscreen instructions. This is pretty much straight forward installation. If your firewall or anti-virus software displays any alert message, choose permit or allow option to continue installation. The installation will also automatically search for your printer and let you print a test page.

InstallationWireless Network

After you have successfully completed the installation, you can now enjoy the convenience of printing from anywhere in your home or small office. Your router serves as the access point between your wireless printer and laptop computer.

1. SSID or Service Set Identifier is the name of your network. WEP/WPA key is the passphrase or passkey that is used to access the network. Both of this information is required when you first try to access the internet. Contact your ISP provider or network admin if you do not know this info.
2. Steel cabinet, walls, microwave ovens, or cordless phones interferes with your wifi signal so make sure you put your printer away from these if you're experiencing low signal strength.
3. Always add WEP/WPA security key to your network for added security.
4. If you do not have wireless router, you can still connect your laptop and printer wirelessly via peer-to-peer network connection known as ADHOC.


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