Lot of people look for quick fixes in their life to get away with life's hurdle and pains. They don't focus on eliminating the deep rooted cause, only manage to cure them at the surface level. The problems seems to disappear for a while, however, they resurface back again.

If we really want to grow up as a human being, not physically, but mentally and emotionally, we need to make our character that are in alignment with what we want to be, attract in life. We must change our deep rooted habits and replace them with productive and effective behaviors.

Remember, thoughts forms into action, and action materialize into habits, and habits materialize into character. Finally, character leads to one's life's destiny.

We must not cease to continuously explore our true self. The social masks that we wear just to confirm to the norms of society will not liberate our soul. We must really make an effort to be able to appreciate to what we are.

It's the self love that will open the doors to infinite possibilities around us. When we are comfortable to be in our own presence and in our own skin, then we will generate that calm and confidence that is unmatchable with anything else that exists.

We completely let go of the powers that other people had upon us. We tend to rely upon our own actions. We trust our own capabilities. We don't resist and allow things to unfold. The simple way to allow things to unfold themselves is to learn to breathe. Be confident to breathe.

For example, let's say that you are not good at something that you want to be in. But, remember that even though you are not that successful to do that thing, you are 100% confident to breathe. Just try it now. Feel the confidence to breathe a cycle. Everyone is confident when they breathe. Nobody is better than anyone else when they breath.

This is the concept that you have to apply in every area of your life. If you can breathe confidently, you can do anything else that life throws at you. Because you do those things while being aware of your breathing. If you fail at things, you bring your thoughts back to your breathing. You become confident. Then you try to do that thing again until you master it, but you do it while being aware of your breathing. Aware of being confident. See the combination of your breathing with whatever you are doing.

This habit will allow you to achieve whatever that you have conceived in your life. You become unstoppable. Teach this lesson to others to empower them. Share it to them and see their life transform.