Do you wish you could share online photos with your friends? Or do you want to learn digital photo sharing so you can Email them to your family from photo sharing sites? Digital photo sharing is convenient when you create a free online photo album. You can share picture perfect albums that you make online in photo sharing sites. There are many online picture sites to choose from. This article will tell you how to create a free online photo album on one photo sharing site I use for free photo sharing online. Because after taking photos sharing them is fun!

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
•    Pictures
•    Photo sharing sites account (such as Photobucket)


How to Share Online Photos(49635)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Upload your photos onto, a photo sharing site. For instructions on how to upload photos onto photo sharing websites for digital photo sharing, please visit my resource link below. Then to share your pictures in organized collections, sort the pictures you’ve uploaded. On the left side type “create album” and type the name of the album, such as “family photos.” Then hold “ctrl” and click each photo that you wish to go into the album. Drag the photos into the album. This can be a little tricky (currently) because you need to maneuver up and down carefully as you “aim” it into the folder of the photo sharing sites. Wait for a green plus sign, then release to drop the photos in. If you like, you can stop here and email your friends the link to this free online photo album. However, if you want to share picture perfect album pages with artistic flair, and see just how beautiful the products of free photo sharing online can be, read on.

How to Share Online Photos(49636)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Select online photos for sharing.  Click “view album” on the digital photo sharing site to check over your photos, and be sure that your free online photo album will have all the pictures in it that you wish. Most photo sharing sites give you lots of freedom when it comes to the number of images you can upload, but be aware that there is a finite amount of available storage for free.
How to Share Online Photos(49637)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Make an online scrapbook out of your online photos. Click “create scrapblog.” This brings you to an affiliate photo sharing site of Photobucket. Here you can share the pictures that you’ve arranged onto colorful pages. This site imports your photos from Photobucket for free photo sharing online, but unlike other websites that simply display your snapshots on a generic page, it allows you to create decorative, thematic pages.

How to Share Online PhotosCredit: Amberdawn 2011Select a theme for your online picture gallery background.  Choose a theme from the photo sharing websites. There are hundreds of premade themes you can use for your pictures. Pages you make with the software on this website will look like virtual scrapbooks. Select one from photo sharing sites that suits your group of photos for your free online photo album. Then get rid of the sample photos on these themes by selecting them and click “cut.”

How to Share Online Photos(49638)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Edit your online photos.  Select a picture you previously imported into your album from the side panel. Then resize your picture before you share online photos in your free online photo album. Click “crop.” The photo sharing websites let you trim either side, the top, or bottom. You can also select different shapes for your pictures. There are circles, boxes, or even stars to make your online photo project look unique! Click “ok” after you’re happy with the look. Repeat this for other photos, and vary the size and shape of pictures for an exciting look. Or if you prefer a uniform look for your pictures, stick with traditional box shapes.

Experiment with the layout of your online photos.  Click “forward” or “back” on the right side of the photo sharing site to either bring the picture you've selected to the front of the embellishments or tuck it behind them. Having photos sharing space with the decorative touches will make your photo sharing sites look more exciting for your audience. All of these embellishments can be moved by dragging them, and the text can also be altered. When you are happy with this first digital photo sharing page, repeat this process for the rest of the pages in your free online photo album. Now you are almost ready to share picture perfect scrapbook pages. Click “save.”

How to Share Online Photos(49634)Credit: Amberdawn 2011Share photos with family with the link provided.  You will receive a link to share online pictures you’ve incorporated into your themed photo sharing site. You’re ready to share these with your friends and family. Let them know you’ve dabbled in free photo sharing online. Simply Email them the link to the photo sharing websites you’ve published on. Or tell them the address to photo sharing sites your pages are on. Have fun when you make your free online photo album and share picture pages!