So You Want to Share Your Faith?

Let's face it, it's easy to find yourself nervous about sharing your Christian faith with someone.  You never know what they may say, or how they might react.  However, the Bible says that we are to go forth and make disciples of all nations!  The great commission is the last command that Jesus left for us.  So we are supposed to what He said and tell people about the life of Jesus Christ.  We can only do our best.  We can't force anyone to be a Christian or even make them listen.  All we can do is get The Word out there and hope they make a decision.  You probably will not be successful all the time, but if nothing else, you are planting a seed.  So no worries!  Hopefully the following ideas can not only help you figure out how to share your Christian faith. The Bible says we can do anything as long as we are doing it through Christ, so check out these ideas and see which one(s) can help you share your Christian faith.

Help Somebody Out!

Anyone can go out of their way to help someone in need.  If you see someone who needs help with something then jump in there and help them!  When you finish helping them you can strike up a conversation.  This is where you share your faith!  Also, the person you helped will have some respect for you since you were so selfless and decided to lend them a hand! Although it may not seem like the most enjoyable way to share your Christian faith, it is a great way bring up your faith.  Maybe if things work out you can build a relationship with them.  Then you will have even more chances to invest in that person.  All it takes is someone who is willing to represent The Lord.  You can also write out a sort of planned discussion about your faith if you are nervous about not knowing what to say, or you can just fly by the seat of your pants if you feel comfortable with your speaking ability!

Be a great example!

There is nothing better for someone that a great role model.  In today's world, a positive example is hard to find.  Very often, people are looking for someone to be their role model.  When you set a positive example, you not only make a good influence on them, but also building a defense against negative influences for them.  Those that look up to you will desire to do as you do.  You need to use your influence to change them for the better.  Use it to bring them to church and read your Bible daily.  Show your faith through actions if you do not feel comfortable talking about it.

Using Evangelistic Tools!

Evangelistic tools are great ways to share your Christian faith with people.  Things like the "Evangecube" are a great way to share your faith.  In case you don't know what that is, it is a small cube, hence the name EvangeCUBE, designed to flip and turn different ways.  The different sides of the cube are littered with pictures.  There is a series of verses that you need to familiarize yourself with.  There are several other evangelistic tools for you to use as well.  These are undoubtedly a great way to share your Christian faith with others.  Just do what works for you!

I am a Christian

Ask What They Believe!

Many people don't really have a religion.  They just think "If I am a good person, then I will go to Heaven."  This is really an extremely common misconception.  Once you ask what they believe, listen to them and show them respect.  After they are done expressing their beliefs, you may express your Christian faith.  You can use evangelistic tools or have a speech memorized.  Make sure you are prepared though, because it looks bad if you don't know what you are talking about!  However, God is faithful and will give you words to speak.

Advertise Jesus!

Have you ever seen someone wearing a really cool shirt that has some Christian slogan or some cool Christian emblem on it?  How about some cool bracelets?  These are a great way to spark interest.  People will often ask about where you got them and what they say.  It is a great way to share your faith in a casual conversation.  I personally have several Christian shirts.  I am a big fan of Christian Rap, so I have purchased some shirts to represent it.  I have one especially odd shirt that always gets some sort of question.  Then I can express my faith and introduce someone to Christian music!  Christian clothing is a great option for sharing your faith!

Check Your Church!

Churches are often sending groups all over the place.  My church goes to Africa, Mexico, China, and Nicaragua.  That is strictly the international trips.  We also have trips to places like San Antonio and Colorado!  Your church surely goes somewhere.  All you need to do is be a bit nosy and find out what they do!  If you are scared about going out of the country or just want to start small,  surely they have something that will fit your comfort.  Be sure to be in prayer about mission trips.  They are often risky and expensive, so be sure to seek God's counsel in such a large decision.

Jesus Loves YOU!

Social Media

I am sure you know about Facebook and Twitter. There are several other social media outlets that you can use like Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, MySpace and more.  Your social media accounts are one of the best ways to share your Christian faith. It allows you to reach all of your friend with minimal effort.  What other way can you get a message out with so much ease?  It is easy to make your Christian faith known by typing up a simple post about how you follow The Lord.  Aside from using it to express your Christian faith, you can use it for generally positive things!  Also, you can use your social media accounts to promote Christ.  Just an occasional "Hey Jesus loves you!" or "Come to church tonight at 6!"  would be a great way to spread some light into the darkness.

How to Defend Your Faith!

You often here of people trying to prove Christianity as "fake" or "edited".  Christian apologetics is "speaking in defense of Christianity",  and you can use this as defense for Christianity when people question you about your beliefs.  There are several authors that have written books over Christian apologetics, and some of them even take part in debates against the top Atheist debaters.  If you are interested in defending your faith, you might want to look into this.  It is very in-depth, but if you can understand it, you will have several great, strong, and legitimate arguments for Christianity!

Dr. William Lane Craig

One of the leaders in Christian Apologetics


It is time for Christians to be proud of our faiths.  We need to be preaching everywhere we go and evangelizing whenever we have the chance!  Don't be afraid of what people might say. Have faith in GOD!  God is with us and will give us the words to speak.  Take advantage of these tips and find a few ideas that work for you.  Christians, share your faith!  Good luck to all of my fellow Christians and preach the word of Jesus Christ!  Feel free to comment on what you think and any new ideas that you might have!