pencil 2

Pencils are the most common writing tool of our age. They come in all shapes and sizes, and almost as numerous as the many different varieties of pencil are the number of ways you can sharpen them.

The first and easiest way to sharpen a pencil is to use and electric pencil sharpener. Insert the writing end of the pencil into the sharpener and apply modest pressure until the motor begins to turn. Now you can either maintain the pressure or slowly rotate the pencil for a more even result. Hold the pencil in the sharpener until the resistance (or grinding) becomes less noticeable (if you are worried you can always pull the pencil out and check).

The next method to sharpen a pencil is to use a hand sharpener. Find a sharpener and hold the pencil with your dominant hand and the sharpener with the other hand. This will allow for better control over the pencil. Slowly rotate the pencil inside the sharpener and apply slight pressure. Make sure you are over a trash can so you won't have to pick up all the pencil shavings. Continue twisting until you feel a decrease in the pressure from the pencil (again you can pull the pencil out and check).

The last method to sharpen a pencil is for the more adventurous pencil user. You can use a knife to whittle away at the pencil until it is sharper. This method will take a little practice and will take a lot more time. Hold the knife in the dominant hand and the pencil in your other hand. Shave the wood off with the blade, moving the knife outwards away from your body. Continue sharpening until you are satisfied with the results.