Walt Whitman's BeardContrary to popular belief, shaggy beards are not attractive, or advisable when you are going on a date or to a job interview. Clean-shaven faces or trimmed beards are going to get you a lot more traffic unless you're a transcendentalist poet.
Just in case you haven't figured the shaving thing out yet, here's a simple list of tips.

  1. If you already have a Whitman beard, you're going to need to trim it with scissors or a beard trimmer before you shave with a razor.
  2. If you aren't shaving right after a shower, put a warm, wet washcloth to your face. Wetting your face will soften up your face and the hairs and will help you to get a closer shave with minimal razor burn.
  3. Make sure your razor is sharp, as dull razors will leave you with a sore and prickly face.
  4. Using shaving cream, gel, or soap, cover the portion that you want to shave evenly. Make sure to get enough to reduce the friction between the razor and your face.
  5. Start under your sideburns and pull the razor gently in the same direction as your hair growth (down, toward your jaw). The tighter you can make your skin while you shave, the closer your shave will be.
  6. Rinse your razor often while you shave. This will be easiest if you fill the sink or a basin with water (or at least it will prevent you from running as much water down the drain).
  7. After shaving the jaw and cheeks, shave the chin. To shave from your throat to your chin, pull the razor from throat to chin instead of continuing to shave down. This is an easier stroke to control and will help you to prevent nicks. Slow down and shave carefully around the chin itself. If you need to change directions to get a close shave, do so, but lift when you change directions to avoid slicing sideways.
  8. Curl your lip tight and shave the skin above your lip. (Don't skip this step unless you are British or a very dignified older man. Trust me.) Shave down from your nose to your upper lip, but be very careful around those sensitive areas.
  9. Wash off the leftover shaving cream and then check for missed spots. Go back and pick up anything you missed.