IKEA can be a really great store to shop at and is full of great deals.  Follow these tips to get the most out of your IKEA trip!

Before you go

Before your trip to IKEA, there is some prep work you need to do.  First, measure out spaces in your home that you need furniture to fill.  Make sure to measure height, width and depth.

You will then want to compile a list of other home accesssories you are looking to buy.  If you don't do this, you'll probably end up bringing home more than you imagined!  IKEA is great at marketing and often convinces me to add many more items to my cart than I came for!

Be sure to come to IKEA in your largest vehicle, so that you won't run out of space.  Be sure to consider the size of the boxes that the furniture is packed in, and make sure it fits within the measurements of your car.  The furniture is flat-packed so that it is small, but if you buy a lot, it's still going to take up some space!


Look at all of the miniture Swedish home displays.  Sit down and make yourself comfortable, trying everything out.  Use the supplied paper and golf pencils to write down items you want to buy and where they are in the warehouse so that you can find them later.  IKEA also supplies a paper tape measure if you forget yours from home.

Know that even though there only seems 1 path through the store, you can get downstairs quicker via some shortcuts through the different displays.  Ask an employee to guide you if you are in a time crunch!


Once downstairs, find all of the items and decide what you want to buy.  Now is the time to grab those items off of the shelf and place them in your cart.  Once you get to the warehouse portion, find the aisles you've written down to get your products.  Use the supplied computers if you forgot to write this down.  Again, note that there are shortcuts to the warehouse and checkouts if you are in a time crunch.

Know that there are carts at the beginning of the warehouse portion, so you don't have to rely on carrying things if you fill your cart early!


After you have checked out, take note of the lane designated for self-loading right outside the doors.  Use this if you have bought large items, as it is much easier and safer than loading in the middle of the parking lot.  Be sure to stop by the IKEA cafeteria after you've loaded up your purchases if you haven't earlier in the day.  The food is fabulous!