When shopping for groceries we need to have a couple things ready before starting.

We need to know how much money we can spend. Most people do not have unlimited funds and grocery shopping on a budget means figuring out how to get what is needed with the amount of money available. Saving money on groceries is possible if you know what you need and what you have to spend.

The next thing we need is a grocery list. When making a grocery list all items that are needed should be written on the list so that as we shop we can check everything off as it's put into the cart. A list serves a couple purposes 1) you will get everything needed for the required number of meals before the next shopping trip 2) a list is one of the most basic methods involved in avoiding impulse purchases. Stick to the list and don't deviate from it.

We also need the stores sales flyer. Learning how to use a grocery store sales flyer is one of the most basic methods of saving money when grocery shopping. The first few trips to the store when everything is needed the flyer is not as useful but once you've been stocking up on groceries for awhile it will become extremely useful.

The last thing needed, assuming you're into frugal grocery shopping is your price book for groceries. This book will enable you to get the best price for items that you want to stock up on. When a person keeps track of what the store charges they can pick up multiples of an item when it is on sale. If you don't have a price book creating a price book for groceries is pretty simple.

Once you know all the things needed the shopping trip itself starts making sense. Stick to your list, don't blow your budget, avoid impulse purchases, and try to save as much money as possible.

You're going to go through the store buying only the items on your list.

Most stores have the produce and bread section immediately to the right or left as you come in so you'll be picking those up first. Canned goods tend to be in the middle aisles and dairy and meat in the back. I've always found that trash bags are a bit hard to locate but they are there somewhere. As you learn the layout of the store the grocery list can be modified so you can list things in the order they will be picked up.

That's pretty much all there is to grocery shopping.